Tuesday, June 05, 2007


today i got the MOST amount of praise at work...

what did i do? did i figure out all the inventory snafus? did i do life saving CPR on a patient? did i page multiple doctors without breaking a sweat? did i keep the doctors from taking dumps in the bathroom with no ventilation system even though it's in the middle of all the cath labs and i can smell the fumes through the WALL into my office area? NO...


that's right. a sales rep approached me today and asked if he could buy lunch for us, and he wanted us to get pizza. 15 large pizzas, to be exact. (we feed around 40-ish people.) no problem, for there is a handy dandy little pizza shack right near the hospital. so, me armed with a menu and a very pregnant lady, created the most incredible, delicious varieties of pizza. a run down, if i please: carnivores 4, veggie 2, pepperoni 2, cheese 2, spinach alfredo 1, canadian bacon 1, hawaiian 1, thai chicken 1, fajita chicken 1. evidently that was the BEST variety of pizza ever ordered in the history of the cath lab, and therefore the best day of my existence.

and what else for today...i figured out what weekly planner i'm going to buy so i can be uber organized when school starts again. i also went to the gym for a 5:30 am workout class and am still feeling the soreness affects of it now. (it seriously kicked my butt...awesome!) me and h are making M.C.P.S. (recipe on the comestible station blog) for dinner tonight, and that will be awesome as well.

i've also discovered a bunch of emergency doctors' blogs and i've been reading all of them religiously. i've also discovered scutwork.com, and have been researching residencies all over the place (mainly east of the mississippi). it's so weird, i'm more obsessed with the latter half of my education than i am passing the first year, let alone the first test. i need to get my priorities in order!

p.s. i decided to change the looks of the blog because all that green was freaking me out.


huitzilopochtli said...

nice face lift

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that this post is single-spaced, while your others look to have 1.5 spacing?