Thursday, June 28, 2007

work stuff...

so things have been going along, and yes, i changed my blog look again. i'm a girl. i can do that sort of thing. at work things have been going well. i am now the implant keeper, so that means i get to keep all the pacemakers, leads, and ICDs in a locked cabinet by my desk, and i log them and whatnot in my nifty excel spreadsheet. and i organized a lot of stuff, which was quite satisfying to do. i also got to tell a sales rep what was what after he tried to pull a fast one by me, and that was also immensely satisfying. how many times can a 22 yr old girl tell a 40-ish man how it is? (my exact words were "it would be in your best interest to...") it felt good, real good, and the boss was proud. yay!

i also ordered a good lunch for the department yesterday, and i got a ton of compliments. my secret? ask a pregnant lady what she wants for lunch. generally, that gets the job done and everybody's happy in the end.

40 days till school starts! woo!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


i saw this on a blog that i read often!

Online Dating

the reasons?

i have the following words on my blog:

  • hurt (4x)
  • sex (2x)
  • pissed (1x)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


so today after another boring day at work (well, not totally boring...we're gearing up for the big inventory count at the end of the month) i found myself getting really excited about going back to school. 48 DAYS! so that means in 44 DAYS i get to quit my job! well, "quit", since i'll be a contract worker in the future, but yeah, QUIT! i'm so excited to learn something new and NOT be a glorified secretary. all my respect goes out to them. today i was so tired of answering the damn phone, scheduling people for their interviews/lab days, and staring at the computer screen forever. i guess i don't really have the patience to really do that kind of stuff all day long. i like to be active and run around. my days are SO predictable, and i crave an environment where at least i can be thrown a curveball every so often.

i also decided that today i need to learn spanish. mind you, i've had 2 years of high school classes, but obviously i'm not to where i need to be. i spent some time researching medical spanish courses for the summer, and i even found some online courses that involve webcams and whatnot, but that kind of weirded me out. luckily, i happen to know someone who has a full grasp of the spanish language, and i'm sure he'd tutor me once i decided to get my act together and really learn the language, which i guess i should have been doing all summer.

today i learned what over the wire (OTW) and rapid exchange (RX) meant, and it was exciting. you see, in order to get the stents and balloons into the arteries to do their business, you got to "push" them along a guidewire. and it's my understanding that the wires themselves can be OTW or RX, which are two "varieties". OTW literally does mean "over the wire", in that the stent can be placed over (or under, i guess depending on your perspective) the wire sort of like a monorail on its track and "pushed" along. evidently this is the "old school" method and not as preferred to the RX variety, which kind of cradles the stent in between two wires, so therefore is a little bit easier to maneuver. (ok, so i might have totally botched what they mean, but hopefully you got an idea.) the vendor who told me the difference said that most hospitals have a 60% preference towards the RX.

oh, and one of the summer help folks quit today after ONE DAY of working in the lab! that person must have really not wanted to work in a hospital after all!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i'm back!

i'm back after an extended vacation to DISNEYWORLD! fun times fun times, but i've done enough of disneyworld to not have to go back for at least 10 years...i mean it is where "dreams come true", but goodness, sensory overload!

also, i don't understand why my pizza post decided to be single-spaced rather than 1.5...this is extremely puzzling and i need to find the root of the issue...

observations of disneyworld:
  • children must be at least 48 inches to ride all the cool stuff, and if they aren't tall enough they will pitch fits and throw tantrums and scream and cry which is VERY loud.
  • the "witchy" mothers who expect all the rules to be broken for their children. example: if you don't get to fantasmic (a fireworks/laser show) at least a bazillion hours before, you will be in the standing room only section, so don't get mad when your kid doesn't get a seat, and don't yell at why the handicapped people can get seats last minute when you are fully capable of standing.
  • the food of epcot is absolutely amazing and divine. eat as much as possible.
  • white skirts are not desired during afternoon thunderstorms as they will become soaking wet and see-through.
  • turkey legs smell like bacon to the general public.
  • sweaty people who can't walk in a straight line and run into me therefore depositing their sweat onto me are GROSS PEOPLE and should be put in jail or something. EEEW!
  • riding expedition everest 3x in one day is AWESOME.
  • it's VERY nice to come back home.
and to make this medically-related, i got a case of some crazy heat rash that has just about gone away. it was SO HOT in orlando, and my non-sunshine seeking skin got overwhelmed. oddly, i did not burn like i thought, just heat rash. but i do have a nice tan now which i haven't had in a long time.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

first glimpse of the new class

today was a good day...went to work for 1/2 the day and then headed over to the school for a lunch and orientation of the free clinic that the students run. got my first looks at the newcomers and saw some "old" folks that i knew from last year. fun, exciting, and kind of awkward to see everyone. i also wore a nametag: "frylime, m1". sort of weird. and i've already been lambasted by a few of the newbies asking me all sorts of questions like "how much will i have to study", etc etc, and honestly, i will NOT have people who stress me out get the better of me. not everyone gets a second chance at med school, especially since not very many people get the first chance in the first place. so i won't be having annoying people stress me out. period. but i've already met up with some cool laid-back chill people that i know will be fun to hang out with, and since i know a few versus ONE from last year, i think this year will be better already! oh, and it was really apparent who was "older/mature" vs. the "spring chickens/immature" people. aack. i hope that i wasn't an especially freaky immature person last year, but a part of me doesn't think i was at all, since i didn't compare my undergrad grades to everybody else's or try to one-up others by bragging too damn much about my life. nah...this year is going to be GREAT and i will make good grades because of my PASS M1 YEAR PLAN IN THE TOP 50% OF THE CLASS. hahahaha...

oh, and free clinic was good. i take a really great blood pressure reading, and i didn't pass out when i watched someone give blood.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


today i got the MOST amount of praise at work...

what did i do? did i figure out all the inventory snafus? did i do life saving CPR on a patient? did i page multiple doctors without breaking a sweat? did i keep the doctors from taking dumps in the bathroom with no ventilation system even though it's in the middle of all the cath labs and i can smell the fumes through the WALL into my office area? NO...


that's right. a sales rep approached me today and asked if he could buy lunch for us, and he wanted us to get pizza. 15 large pizzas, to be exact. (we feed around 40-ish people.) no problem, for there is a handy dandy little pizza shack right near the hospital. so, me armed with a menu and a very pregnant lady, created the most incredible, delicious varieties of pizza. a run down, if i please: carnivores 4, veggie 2, pepperoni 2, cheese 2, spinach alfredo 1, canadian bacon 1, hawaiian 1, thai chicken 1, fajita chicken 1. evidently that was the BEST variety of pizza ever ordered in the history of the cath lab, and therefore the best day of my existence.

and what else for today...i figured out what weekly planner i'm going to buy so i can be uber organized when school starts again. i also went to the gym for a 5:30 am workout class and am still feeling the soreness affects of it now. (it seriously kicked my butt...awesome!) me and h are making M.C.P.S. (recipe on the comestible station blog) for dinner tonight, and that will be awesome as well.

i've also discovered a bunch of emergency doctors' blogs and i've been reading all of them religiously. i've also discovered, and have been researching residencies all over the place (mainly east of the mississippi). it's so weird, i'm more obsessed with the latter half of my education than i am passing the first year, let alone the first test. i need to get my priorities in order!

p.s. i decided to change the looks of the blog because all that green was freaking me out.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

good news (about blood, that is)

good evening/morning to ya'll...

since my ever so melodramatic post about blood giving, my attitude has improved! the blood folks said for me to come back after my drug addict bruise is gone, and that particular place also does free cholesterol level checks...even more incentive to go! so yay! everything's all good now, and no more blood drama for me. (thanks for the inspiring comment, evy! and yippee for bay week!)

also, i'm getting excited because the school that i have/will be attended/ing runs a free clinic, and they're having "orientation" for it next week. i'm thinking about going (if i can get off of work) to meet some people and learn how to do things like venipuncture and get someone's blood pressure. well, i can already do the blood pressure bit, but it doesn't hurt to practice. plus meeting new or old people is always good too. and i want to get really involved with the free clinic because volunteering is an amazing thing, plus if you're learning at the same time, then that's double the goodness.

so i've developed my "plan". i want to do as well as i possibly can (doesn't everyone?) so i can maybe have the option to transfer to another school after 2 years. (unassuming gunner, perhaps? incognito?) the odds of that happening is quite small, but yet, maybe that could be another incentive to try hard for top quarter or something. because then, if i've done well, then for residency maybe i could have better picks for locations. i have this irrational fear of being landlocked, and so i think my ideal place of living would be either a) east of the mississippi and within an hour's drive of a large body of water like the ocean or b) all the way to the west coast with the same parameters. i while back i went to kansas (i know, random!) and while the panorama views were absolutely beautiful while driving through the state, i was just really freaked out knowing that i was stuck in the middle of the continental united states, and that is just really weird. (so now not only am i afraid of odd-numbered staircases, i am now afraid of the midwest...)

and since i've gotten this blog added to the student doctor network link list, i'm going to make a sincere effort to blog more often so people will read it and be in awe of what i type. hahaha...not really, but yeah, i'm going to blog more. blogging is such stress relief, and also a good way to remember silly things about my days. so ok.

i think now i should sleep because i'm not making any sense.