Tuesday, May 22, 2007

it's a tuesday

hello all...

today worked crawled along, and all my moments of having nothing to do (i guess that's the perk of having a job where you are dependent on others doing something, you do a lot of setting around), i've started "reviewing" for med school. i have this gross anatomy coloring book that i bought at border's for around $5 and a bunch of colored pencils and i'm going at it like a rabid kindergartener who's intent on making several modern masterpieces of the scribbles motif. so far i've completed the skeletal system and half of the muscular system...mind you that it's not SUPER in depth, but in depth enough that as i color, i think to myself "oh yeah, i remember slicing that on accident", or "yep, chopped that one up", or even "oops, broke that rib!". so i guess that's the whole point really, to get my brain to remember some stuff and to take up time at work.

another thing i did today to take up time is clean up my gmail inbox. now, i love gmail so much, and being able to search and delete all sorts of emails and chats was quite satisfying. a cleansing of the soul, if you will. reading old emails, and then laughing about the "old times", and then hitting DELETE...so much fun. it was like getting a very satisfying back scratch from somebody with good nails that weren't too pointy so that you ended up with cat-claw marks.

one of the echo techs, C, and i had a long philosophical conversation about when a guy pursuing a girl crosses from being "persistent" to "stalkerish" to "full blown stalker". we each had our opening arguments and whatnot, so that made for a fun little time waster.

also at work, i've gotten the reputation as the girl who always cooks dinner with her boyfriend. so that means everyday at least two or three people will ask me what i cooked for dinner and/or what did i bring to lunch today. then they always have words of jealousy to say, wishing that they could eat so well. HA. so today when i ate my chicken tortilla soup, i had a group of salivating folks just staring at me, eating my heart out. BOO-YA!

and with that, i should assist in the making of some shrimp creole...

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