Thursday, May 17, 2007

hurrah for the cath lab

dear readers,

yesterday was my birthday, as evy's comment said, and it was a wonderful day. cath lab was so nice and even got me a cake! (i must write thank you notes tonight...). all said, yesterday was quite terrific, even though it wasn't as climactic as last year's, but hey, now i'm a double deuce, and that's fun. the real party will start tomorrow and last through the weekend (or at least till saturday night), so that will be fun too.

work is work. a lot less stressful now since S the temp worker is there, she's amazing and a lot of fun to work with. work is a joyful thing now...haha.

i got cleared to go back to medical school on monday. so august 7 i start orientation all over again as a "new" student. am i nervous? a little bit. worried? a little bit. i will admit that i'm more excited about school this time around, since last year it was like "oh yeah, i'm going to school. big whup." this year it's "i'm going to school, and i want to do good and do stuff!" and i've got a team, you know, like a really good friend that i've made (who is also on leave) that will be great for motivation. i also want to be a volunteer coordinator or something, be somebody that kinda gets the class to work together as a team instead of how last year, it seemed like my class was all cliques and i seriously hated most everybody. i have some good ideas for fundraisers that would get stuff going i think, and so i hope to be able to do some things like that this new year.

so yeah, i'll try to post more regularly. sorry i've been neglectful. must go cook pad thai now!


oh, and i hope you like the new color scheme. i was told it was hard to read my text since the colors were weird or something.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I think an new look is always good every so often- I like it. Also, congrats on your med school mindset. A little time off was probably good, and now it seems you are all ready to conquer the UMC! See you in 6 weeks. We can celebrate your birthday all over again, and Huitzi's too.

crazy j elam said...

another year has passed... enjoy yourself.. before August..

jimgrandad said...

And I like your new look too! Like Huitzi's, it' much better on my eyes... thanks!

From JGD (aka #2 fan)

jimgrandad said...

Uh-oh... I forgot - I'm fan #3!