Sunday, April 29, 2007

three for one special

hello cyberspace...

sorry i haven't blogged for me has been quite hectic at work, and once i get home, i sort of lay off the internet because i stare at computers all day long. the latest news...

the echo secretary and the normal secretary to my department (whom or who i help out a lot) are both OUT of commission due to various things for at least the next few months. what does that mean for me? ah, yes, that means that little frylime has to do 3 jobs at a time, and it's a little hectic/stressful. it's definitely not hard work, but it's so much and so mindless sometimes that it can get borderline overwhelming. so i guess i'm officially a paper-pusher at work, and a cute one at that (stories to follow this paragraph), and i've found it hard to make sure that my official duties (inventory, scheduling) are done to the level of greatness that i try to do them in. luckily, the big boss is going to hire a temp worker soon, so that will be good, but who is going to train that worker? oh yeah, that would be me. so i've decided that after 1 more week or so of pulling triple duty, i may ask for a raise, because seriously, my workload has increased tremendously without warning and i'm the only one at work who can do it all. at this point, if something were to happen to me, they would be kinda screwed.

so enough of stressful stories...i don't mind being stressed at work as long as certain people don't bother me, and i get my lunch break. this girl has GOT to eat, so if i don't get my 30 minute lunch break i do get moody. but on to something funny...

an elderly man and his wife were waiting for the doctor to come talk to them about something, and the guy asks me "what's your ethnicity?" and i told him of course (i am not offended by any means when people ask me that). and then he replies "well, you are a mighty pretty young lady!", and then his wife shot him this look that was SO priceless, i wish i had a camera! they were this cute little old couple, and i ended up staying after my shift had officially ended for a while to chat with them because it seemed like they were about to hear some bad news, and both of them kept wishing me luck towards med school and life, etc. they were just cute as a button! or a bunch of buttons!

another story...i was walking by to get some faxes, and this man, early 50's i'd say, says, "can i see your hand?" it's so early in the morning so i just handed it to him and i was also quite confused, and the guy goes "how old are you" and i answered, and then "well, i don't see any you want to date my son? he's 29 and works in agriculture!" and i'm quite stunned, and stammered that i already had a boyfriend thank you very much who is quite proficient in computer programming. aaaaah! then he has the nerve to ask me if i had any friends who "might" be interested, and i said no...then the dude said that his son would be quite embarassed if he knew what he was doing...i agree.

so the moral of this post is that:

1. i am pulling double and triple duty at work.

2. old men find me really cute and want to set me up with their sons...i don't know about you, but trying to find someone to date your son in a HOSPITAL at 8:15 in the morning is just CREEPY.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

an important day in history


i am currently typing this blog while sitting at my desk on a very slow yet interesting tuesday afternoon. with me being the one holding up the fort in the front, time seems to be standing still. however, when i post this blog, it will be after i get home from work because i can't access my site due to websense. so my apologies if my verb tenses aren't as accurate as they could be.


this morning went by in a maelstrom of busy work...collecting faxes, answering phones, shuttling lab results to the back, unloading boxes, correcting charges, etc, etc. one of the transporters, F, felt sorry for me and bought me breakfast (it was only $1.16) so i wouldn't have to beg someone to answer the phone for me. (i actually did ask F to sit for me, and he asked why, then he said he would get my food for me.) he also had an extra bounce in his step today, and later on, he exuberantly exclaimed to me and D (the other transporter) that he and his wife "definitely made a baby last night", which i say good for them! i told him they would probably be having twin girls (it's a departmental joke), and he told me he "wouldn't be having no girl", so therefore i had to step up on my girl-power soap box and tell him what was what.

my late morning shipment of boxes came in around 11:00 am, and so that kept me busy right up until lunch, where i had a fried shrimp po-boy sandwich. (sidenote: where does the word po-boy originate from?) and a hawaiian punch (my guilty pseudo-soft drink pleasure). i evidently had too much because my stomach felt quite distended for a while, and my eyes were droopy too.

the afternoon is where things got a little more interesting. we had 3 code 99's called. after one of them i got a frantic call from someone who "wanted any cardiologist NOW", and so i transferred them to the back where i assume they got what/who they wanted because there were no additional calls about that. then one of the code 99's got cancelled.

whenever a bunch of code 99's get called (for those that don't know, for my hospital a code 99 is when someone goes into cardiac distress), i always feel quite anxious and sad, because i know that when someone truly goes into cardiac arrest, there's less than a 50% chance of them actually being revived (i forget the actual percentage).

then i found out the most important news....larry birkhead is anna nicole smith's baby daddy! ok, so it's not the most important news, but i found out during my afternoon news article perusal, and promptly told all the nurses in the back, to which there was immediate and joyous noises and "told you so"s and etc. they thanked me for doing my job well.

haha...on another note, one nurse told me that i was doing a great job with the inventory, and how much smoother the process has been since i've had the job. sure, it's not perfect by any means, the numbers don't mean anything for most of the stock we have, but the nurses don't complain as much, and the stuff gets put away promptly, so that made me happy that my work is being recognized in a positive manner.

after that, a small child had an echocardiogram done, and he cried for the entire duration of the procedure. loud. really. loud. it was really annoying me to hear his crying, but then i thought, that kid must only be around 3 or 4 years old, and he must be terrified to have to go to the hospital to get poked by some weird machine in the dark by a stranger that makes weird noises. after i thought that, i stopped being annoyed by the crying and felt more thankful that the kid was being checked out at an early age just in case something bad was happening to him.

so that's it for the adventures...only 45 minutes until i leave for home!