Saturday, March 17, 2007

something to work on...

places in red are ones that i've traveled to, and then obviously the ones that aren't red are still ones to be visited. of course, one of the perks of being a docter is that you make pretty good money. i don't really desire to have many of the "marks" of being a doctor, such as big house, expensive cars, flashy clothes, etc. all i really want is to have a thriving practice, a good home, a working car (or bicycle), healthy food to eat, health insurance, no more debt, and provide my family with good opportunities. my splurges would consist of good haircuts and traveling to foreign places. and the occasional sushi bar visit...

ok, maybe i'm being an extreme idealist, and it also sounds like i'm talking out my bottom, but i guess i can hope for the best! i just don't want to turn into the stereotypical doctor snob who is fake in every aspect of their life outside of medicine. and i really do want to travel, but also be able to convert many of my future trips into medical missions. that's all at least 4 years into the future; right now i just got to worry about getting through school.

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