Thursday, March 22, 2007

thoughts for a thursday...

today was a special day at work. how so, you might had a morning of mass confusion, a wonderful noon lunch, and an afternoon that went by so quickly it was like it never happened.

this morning it came to light very quickly that one of the doctors didn't communicate well enough that he would be out of town in the morning. so i scheduled him to go in the morning, and after the patient was on the table, the doctor called, it became known that he was not going to be there till at least 1:00. patient was taken off the table, apologized to, and the charge nurse began to freak out. questions were asked of me, but alas, i had checked in with the particular doctor's nurse the day before, and she gave me the go ahead. (a.k.a. "not my fault".) then another doctor who had late morning patients said he wasn't coming until the afternoon, which is something his office didn't communicate to me, but in this case, it was on the call calendar that he was going to be out of town in the morning. so, partly my fault. however, this aspect of the calendar had never been pointed out to me, and if i'm not shown something during my "training period", then it's hard for me to know what's right. so, partly not my fault. the moral of this story is that a) always check with nurses of doctors from other practices, and b) take a better look at the call calendar since i know what everything means now.

lunch was a lovely vegetarian fare and quite relaxing. sometimes it's really great to not have to eat greasy cafeteria food that promotes obesity in the healthcare task force.

this afternoon went by so fast...i fixed tomorrow's schedule about a zillion times to perfection, and then, alas, another change. oh well! i also have made friends with 2 guys that work in the echo department who are in my age range of people acceptable to be friends with, and one of them is like an "alternative music" kind of guy, so i've been expounding to him the many virtues of my friends who have bands who are going to play soon here. (sidenote: i should get some sort of recognition for my marketing t-shirts? beer? a lovely afternoon at the zoo?) i also listened to J's drama, which is always interesting, and drank coffee. hospital coffee, for that matter, which is kinda gross.

other things i've been meaning to i wear green scrubs to work. free hospital scrubs. i get on the elevator to go up some flights to work, and this woman automatically presses my floor for me without me even asking! i asked her, "how did you know my floor?" and she replied, "you're green." i had been COLOR PROFILED! i didn't know what to think...! turns out, since all invasive procedures (surgeries, cath procedures, etc) are done on my floor, the surgical scrubs everyone wears are the green ones. so therefore, i am a green entity.

and something to complain the stairwells, the steps are grouped into flights of 7 steps each, 4 flights per floor. (i hope i'm saying the right thing.) it really pisses me off that it's 4 groups of 7. i hate that! since i'm right-footed, i prefer to start going up and down beginning with my right foot. therefore, my right foot gets 4 steps, and my left gets 3. i have this irrational fear that my right leg is going to become grossly larger than my left leg, so i have to make sure that i alternate stepping on both legs. however, in doing that, i throw off the natural rhythm of coming off the flight, making my 180 degree turn to the next flight. it's such a hard thing to master, and i'm just thinking, IF ONLY THEY MADE AN EVEN NUMBER OF STEPS then my life would just be peachy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

random day

first off, i would like to say that i am pleased at the number of #2 fans that have come out of the woodwork! thanks!

now for the big issue at hand...MONDAYS. why is it that mondays are the most random days at work? i suppose after the relaxing qualities of a good weekend, any return to work is weird. or does the week get weirder as it progresses? who knows, but now i shall relate the random day.

get to work, no boxes! therefore my morning rush of unloading and stocking didn't happen, and i was able to get breakfast (scrambled eggs and sausage biscuit...artery clogging...yum). then i did my charges, as usual. J tells me she got a new tattoo yesterday, and also showed it to me. i just think those things are so painful, but she said it didn't hurt at all. then someone was transferred to me on the phone wanting the stress department, and after i answered, some disgruntled woman began to cuss me out like there was no tomorrow! evidently someone was not pleased with something in her life, and decided to lay it on EVERY hospital employee she could. i transferred her to the nurse, and then after that i heard she cussed out 2 more people before hanging up, making a total of 4 people being cussed out. mind you, i don't like being cussed out, and i tried to interrupt her, but no, she wouldn't let me. (that patient was reported to the big boss for being unruly, and also turns out the patient has heart abnormalities anyway, so wouldn't getting angry aggravate that problem?) then after a bit i got my late morning shipment, did all that, and then somehow it was 12:15! i was so surprised that the morning went by so quickly!

so then in the afternoon, i did my normal scheduling of patients, when 2 of my friends showed up! they just came by to visit, and that made me happy. i showed them around the labs and they thought i was awesome for i was wearing scrubs to work. then they left, and after a while it was time for me to leave too. then the nurses in the back decided to change up the schedule some more, so i ended up having overtime. as i was hanging out in the back with the nurses, another nurse comes in and said someone just coded and passed away in some other department, and that was the first i had heard of anyone coding and dying, so that was a somber moment. then i went back, fixed the schedule, and then left.

so now i'm here typing after a day's work...8 hours plus 30 minutes overtime. i wonder what the rest of the week is going to be like...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

something to work on...

places in red are ones that i've traveled to, and then obviously the ones that aren't red are still ones to be visited. of course, one of the perks of being a docter is that you make pretty good money. i don't really desire to have many of the "marks" of being a doctor, such as big house, expensive cars, flashy clothes, etc. all i really want is to have a thriving practice, a good home, a working car (or bicycle), healthy food to eat, health insurance, no more debt, and provide my family with good opportunities. my splurges would consist of good haircuts and traveling to foreign places. and the occasional sushi bar visit...

ok, maybe i'm being an extreme idealist, and it also sounds like i'm talking out my bottom, but i guess i can hope for the best! i just don't want to turn into the stereotypical doctor snob who is fake in every aspect of their life outside of medicine. and i really do want to travel, but also be able to convert many of my future trips into medical missions. that's all at least 4 years into the future; right now i just got to worry about getting through school.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

out from sabbatical, anyone?

i must say the past few weeks have been busy, hence the non-posts, but since my blog isn't that popular yet (i say that because i know this is a diamond-in-the-rough sort of thing, and have yet to be bloggily discovered), i don't think anyone's missed it. (except for my #1 fan evy...hahaha)

at work it's so easy to objectify everything that i'm doing. well, it's hard to get emotionally attached to unloading boxes and whatnot. but as for the charges and scheduling the patients, i don't know any of them, and the only thing that ever grabs my attention is scheduling a very young patient or someone needing $75,000+ amount of work done to them. however, last week someone that i know came through for a heart cath, something quite standard and done ALL the time at my hospital, but i couldn't help but become "attached" in a way. when reviewing the charges, the numbers i saw made me wince, but they were by no means out of the ordinary and nowhere near the most expensive thing i've seen, but i found myself mentally checking off every item used in the procedure to justify everything (and since when did i become a doctor? yeah, i know). i guess that can't be helped when someone you know goes to the hospital when you're in the "inside" of things, but it also made me feel kinda selfish...why don't i get attached to anyone else that comes through? i guess we're only human after all...

and in other news, it's currently spring break, so the lab is EMPTY. so boring. and now J is going to take the rest of the week off so i'm going to make big overtime bucks, but it's like the most boring time ever, so i don't know how my brain is going to feel. also, i've gotten to the point where my disgust with the inventory is about to explode! the program we have to do all the inventory keep up is so off that it's almost pointless to use. today i started counting things by hand, and then checking them in apollo (the program) and finding out that WOW there are negative numbers of stuff in the back! i took the liberty of fixing the values. i guess that's what i'll be doing the rest of the week to keep me busy.

i've also started creating my "inventory coordinator manual" so folks can know what to do. i'm planning on taking my first "vacation day" later this month when i need to play nurse to someone getting a septoplasty...