Thursday, February 15, 2007

strange company

understandably the hospital i work at is one of the main "go to" hospitals in this area. just from listening to the conversations in the waiting room, some folks will drive 2-3 hours just to come here to get whatever procedure they need done. also understandably that means you will have affluent people, normal people, and then weirdo people coming. what follows is a story about the weirdo people.

on tuesday a group of 3 (one woman and two men) come to our department from the ER. one of the men was experiencing pains on his left side and kept clutching at his heart area. these people looked weird. and usually whenever there are weird people in the waiting area, J will intercom me or something similar to tell me to come over and look at the weird people. (i know, it's a little mean, but we have to have some joy in our workday!) so i go over there to "pick up copies" or something, and the woman was quite obese, had very short crew cut hair, and was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top (that even i wouldn't wear in public) with no bra, and a short skirt/shorts. she even looked as if she could be mentally not all there. the two guys, the one who was in pain was short, and the other one was tall. they were both dressed in plaid shirts and jeans for the most part. all three looked like white trash, if i may.

so J starts talking to them, being friendly, and the woman was obviously domineering the whole conversation, wouldn't let the men talk. J asks the short man if he's the one here for the procedure, and the woman said "yes, my husband's here for the ___ test". then J goes to the other guy, "so this is your brother? how nice of him to come too!" and then the woman goes, "that's not his brother, that's my BOYFRIEND." so evidently, the woman who looks mentally not all there and who wears no bra has a husband AND a boyfriend, and they all live together in the same house IN THE SAME COUNTY as i live along with her and her husband's 3 year old kid that the boyfriend takes care of. but never fear, the husband does all the cooking and cleaning while the boyfriend rubs the woman's feet (which he so plainly demonstrated in the waiting room). and to top all that off, the two men are COUSINS. yes, i'll say it again, COUSINS.

so the people are just weird, and the woman is just telling J how it is, and then proceeds to say the n-word in front of J's face (who is black). J tells me she's going on break because she can't handle it anymore, and then i go to relieve her. the woman starts telling me about all her tattoos and proceeds to show them all to me, which is kinda gross because she ain't wearing much clothes to begin with and no bra, so she was already hanging out, but she so kindly moved straps out of the way to show me what she has. and the boyfriend showed me his too, and said that their preacher thought his tattoo looked like witchcraft. (so evidently the polyamorous weird lady goes to church too...)

so when the husband comes back from his test, he's still in tons of pain. the woman said that she had no time for that, and proceeded to leave. the boyfriend and the nurse try to convince the guy to go back to the ER, and they even got one of our transporters to take him there, but alas, the woman wanted her dinner and her footrub, so i don't think that husband got any more treatment.

the moral of this story? weirdos go to the hospital too, and that jerry springer-esque white trash can live in your backyard without you even knowing it. everybody was talking about them for a while...

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Anonymous said...

That scene's so over-the-top bizarre, I want to comment, but I'm actually "speechless."