Wednesday, February 21, 2007

rude company

disclaimer: since J is out sick with the flu (i'm glad i didn't get it!), i am playing front desk receptionist for an indefinite amount of time.

seems like a series i'm making. not only are there strange people that go to the hospital, there are rude people too! today there were 2 instances of rude people waiting for outpatient tests, and they were both a bit slow too. (may i add that the only rude people that i've encountered are the ones that don't really understand what's going on, and seem "slow" on first aquaintance.)

the first guy, a white male, showed up to the front desk. usually what happens is that they're escorted, and they also give me their papers that detail what department/procedure they are going to undergo. this guy, however, didn't have his papers, and looked like someone i didn't want to piss off. i announced him anyway, and the nurse comes out and asks where his papers were, and the guy was obnoxiously telling her "what papers" or something, but luckily the transporter went and got the papers. problem solved. guy goes away, does his procedure, and is told to wait 45 minutes until a camera or something like that is ready. 60 minutes later, he comes tearing back to the front desk DEMANDING that he get seen or he's leaving. or else. nurse asks why, and he won't tell her. she asks "are you hungry?" turns out the guy was hungry and wanted something, so she got him crackers, peanut butter and juice. i guess he was happy, because i didn't hear a peep from him after that, but he did have the decency to throw his trash away in the magazine holder, rather than the trashcan.

the second person was a woman there for a stress test. (note: there are two types of stress tests. one involves walking on a treadmill to boost up the heart rate, and the second involves being injected with radioactive drugs to "stress" the heart. the second way is done when the first test is inconclusive or the person cannot walk.) the woman looked very irritated; she was there yesterday for the treadmill, and there today for the injections. i actually came and sat at the front (rather than my cubicle) because she was being shifty. she gets up to ask me something, and at that moment, 2 doctors and a barrage of phone calls came to my attention, so i had to ask her to please wait while i handled everything. usually people understand, but not her. she got really irritated and instructed me to find out what kind of test she was having because she thought the people were wrong. i asked her what kind of test she was having, she said stress but she did the treadmill yesterday, and so i had to explain to her numerous times about the injection method, but i guess she didn't believe me, because she kept telling me to "figure out what's being done". sorry lady, i told her to just wait because that department was quite busy and that they would come to get her. she waited about 5 minutes, and then got up and to figure it out on her own. luckily another nurse from a different dept. was there, and got her to sit down in a seat closer to her final destination, but not quite. that pacified her for a little bit, then she got pissy again. i later passed by the door of the room where she was having her procedure done, and she still looked pissed and was grumbling menacingly to herself.

i don't think i captured the anger fully represented in these two instances, but those people, in addition to people crowding up the front desk area, plus one guy who's always a little too friendly to me, freaked me out to where i hid in my cubicle for a few hours.

at least i still kept my manners!

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