Wednesday, February 07, 2007

february update

hola friends. as i sit here and snack on my 1 cup of heart healthy kashi cereal (that is reminiscent of honey nut cheerios minus 78.3% of the flavor, and also, 1 cup of cereal is NOT enough to make any normal person full, but never mind that the recommended serving size is 3/4 cup), i realize that i have not provided an update of any kind for a long time. i know that i rant about the obese every so often, so i've kept up my "i try to eat healthy" diet at home and at work, and the nurses and staff always comment on my lunches, telling me how strong my willpower is for getting healthy stuff. it's really simple, actually. i don't get stuff that is swimming in grease, and that will easily knock out most of the menu, plus the desserts are too yucky looking, and who wants sugar-free flavored gelatin? i mean, try to entice me by calling it jell-o, not gelatin, but i guess that would infringe on the copyright laws, since they probably use sysco jello and not jell-o jello. and i'm going to the YMCA to workout once i feel that rush hour traffic has died a little bit.

what else about work? well, today (and tomorrow for that matter) the secretary wasn't in, so i had to do two jobs at once today, which resulted in feelings of frustration and a mild headache. i had no time to get coffee because the phones kept ringing, and doing my inventory job was a pain in the a$$ because the phones kept ringing. then people would get upset with me because i didn't know how to do something that i'm not supposed to know anyway, but who cares about that! i could feel my stress-toleration level being encroached, and luckily it occurred near lunch so i went and ate fried chicken, mac and cheese, and a side salad while staring at people perform construction duties. (i'm going to the YMCA to work out, so that cancels out the friend chicken.) it became my 15 minutes of solitude i suppose, but i had to go to work after my tiny lunch because i have to have someone sit the desk while i try to perform my inventory duties really fast as to not annoy the person relieving me. and now as i think about it, i think i may ask my boss for a microphone thing for my desk so i don't have to run around a lot. but running around is good for burning calories...hahaha...i'll stop now!

and i shouldn't complain too much, for this is a temporary job. but i've thought some, and i have planned out my next couple of years. if med school doesn't work out the second time, i'm going to go to grad school and get my master's in chemical or biomedical engineering so i can brush up on everything, and then go work or go to more school, whatever i feel like. of course, the desired end product is me being a medical doctor, but now i feel like i have the best and worst case scenarios semi-planned out, and that makes me feel a little more in control of my life and also puts things in perspective. and if you know me personally, you'll understand what i'm saying since i'm a weird anal retentive "must have a long term vision/goal" sort of person. plus if i have the big picture figured out, i can have more fun enjoying the random/spontaneous things that just seem to pop up, and also not sweat the small stuff, since i know the big picture. isn't that neat how it seems to play off each other?

ok, the workout place calls to me, and i must go. chao!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, in addition to obese workers, the hospital also seems to serve quite unhealthy fare! Given, it is Mississippi, home of the deep-fried Oreo (have you had one of those?), and we want to stay number one in something! (MS has more obese people than any other state, with about 1/3 of its adults being obese.) FOOD for thought, hahaha. Also since you've solidified your five-year plan, can you please come up with one for me? Thanks.