Friday, February 23, 2007

02 23 2007 in numbers

today in numerical form:

-bed pans catalog number H110-00 stocked: 6
-boxes missing in my early morning shipment: 1
-messages checked in voicemail: 1
-patients i personally scheduled for today: 15
-number of add-ons: 8-10 (at least)
-projected revenue for today: ≤ $1,000,000
-cakes delivered to the control room that i did not eat because of lent: 3
-phone calls received: bazillion
-phone hang-ups in my face: 4
-number of apologies for hanging up in my face after realizing their stupidity: 1
-instances of me muttering expletives under my breath after hang-ups: 4
-minutes spent in staff meeting: 37
-personally showed someone the vascular lab (it's hard to find): 1
-electrophysiology studies scheduled for monday: 4
-minutes spent on lunch break: 30
-catheters received: 1
-times i had to ask receiving to fax me a packing slip: 2
-times i did not receive packing slip: 2
-emails sent to the big receiving boss: 1
-packing slips then received promptly: 1
-scanned email attachments with said packing slip: 1
-sudoku and/or crossword puzzles attempted: 4
-sudoku and/or crossword puzzles completed: 2
-overtime hours worked: 2.60
-bathrooms clogged because people don't know how to flush: 1
-letters received: 1
-echo (cardiac ultrasound) extension: 3352
-cardiac stress extension: 3343
-EKG extension: 1767
-vascular lab: 1201
-nuclear: 1012
-personal work telephone lines: 2
-how to dial the overhead paging system: speed-dial 49
-pregnant nurses in the cath lab: 2
-judkins packs in one case: 20
-cost of 1 retrograde left heart cath, percutaneous: $1,660
-employee discount at cafeteria: 24% off
-weekend staff birthdays: 3
-staff birthday flyers made and put up: 6
-boogers hanging from pretentious doctor's nose that i did not say anything about: 1

that is all for today.

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