Friday, January 05, 2007

ugh, poked and prodded

on my list of things to do today is to get my TB test read. for the new job, i had to get another TB test, a blood test, and a urine drug test (tell me WHY do they make girls pee in tiny cups? we don't work like that!). and they had to get the blood out of the top of my hand. (i was blessed with tiny arm veins.) that kinda hurt because the nurse sorta scraped some of my skin off in the process. no pain no gain, i'm still alive, scabby, but alive.

i can't wait to be making money again. i desperately desire some extra so i can do some things that i've been wanting to do. i figure that if i can save some too, well, that would spectactular. save some for school next year, or a new instrument (after i master my current attempt), or even a trip abroad...who knows.

i must say that i haven't gained any weight over the holidays, and that makes me quite proud of myself. however, i've plateaued (?) in the last month or two, and i still need to lose a bit more to be considered "healthy" by the bmi standards, and what kind of doctor would i be if i didn't exemplify healthiness? i'm currently at 25.7, and healthy is considered to be < 25. so for me, that means if i lost 5 pounds, i would be at a healthy bmi. and then if i went down to what i weighed in high school (HAHAHAHA!!!), my bmi would be 22.1, right square in the middle of "healthy bmi" range. isn't this numbers stuff fun? i think i'm going to shoot for somewhere in between all of that. i also want to run a mile by the end of this month, so i think my pursuit of THAT will help me lose weight. i don't want to make losing weight my primary goal though, because that makes people go crazy. my primary goal is to eat healthy and run a mile (by the end of january), and just take it from there. losing weight will be a lovely byproduct of my endeavours, so it's like an extra reward. yay! plus preventive medicine is always a wonderful thing. i come from a family background of heart disease (double bypass, anyone?), high cholesterol (which i unfortunately am already exhibiting high ranges for someone my age), colon cancer, and type II diabetes (which is a horrific disease, one that i NEVER want to get). i don't want to be adding to my genetic risks any more than i have to.

and another thing, my partner in crime in taking leave from school (we're going to be the cool kids next year, yay!) informed me that someone has supposedly failed the gross anatomy board exam. and supposedly nobody has failed it in the history of my particular medical school. (they do some weird formula where they assign grades, so basically you have to do two standard deviations below the national mean to fail.) you must pass the board to pass the class. i wonder if they took into consideration mine and my friend's boards, but we took leave before that happened, so our grades probably don't count. i feel bad for that one person who failed, because i know what it's like to be the lowest failing grade and to be singled out for that and have everyone think you're dumb.

alright kiddos...i think i rambled enough for today. i'll post about the new job next week. i'm sure there's going to be tons of cool adventures to talk about!

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Justin W said...

well.. i see that other people are getting poked and prodded too..

for me it's an almost monthly occurance..

anyway, enjoy your week.. Emily.