Wednesday, January 24, 2007

scary weirdo man

first of all, i want to congratulate EVY for being my number 1 fan. way to go EVY!!!

second of all, there are some really strange guys that hang out at the hospital. monday J was gone so i was answering phones, and this weird guy comes up to the group of doctors going "is there a pay phone around here? i need to call my doctor for a prescription refill". the doctors in all their infinite wisdom says "oh you can use the phone in there with her". i'm going...eeeew, gross, scary! so of course he comes into my area, the doctors leave, and the guy proceeds to set up some "pick up time" for the "green stuff" and the dude on the other line could "pay him up front" or whatever, and that it would have to be either 5:30 or 7:00 because he had to take the bus home. the whole time, i'm thinking, this really doesn't sound like some guy calling his doctor. finally the guy gets off the phone and says what a lovely hospital it was, and leaves.

he then has the nerve to come back! luckily the boss was there and curtly told him where he could find a phone. i mean, this guy was so weird looking, bad teeth and everything. white trash. shudder. so he leaves again.

he comes back!!! and almost goes inside the cath lab area, but luckily he turned around and i never saw him again.

talk about freaks. yuck.

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