Thursday, January 11, 2007

new job info

ok, so i've been at the job for almost a week, and i feel like i have the rhythm down pretty well.

i arrive at 7:00 am, swipe my card through the time clock reader, and then head down the halls to cardiovascular diagnostics. i then am greeted by the "great wall of boxes" next to my cubicle. i take all the packing slips, put them on my desk (which, btw, is QUITE organized and garners many compliments), and then begin to unload all the boxes and stock the labs with the items that they need. after all that is down, usually before 8:00, i will do medical charges, sit-in as receptionist when the real one goes on her smoke break (which are usually significant breaks), check whatever late-boxes come in, troubleshoot my database program, see if any patients need to be scheduled for the rest of the week, etc. i eat lunch around 12:00 in the break room and catch the noon news. after lunch another shipment usually comes in, and i scan those items into the inventory database because they're really expensive (but soon i'm going to scan everything in, because that what an inventory should be of), and then put them in the holding room so that the nurses/techs can double check on their order lists to make sure everything's correct. i make sure the patient schedule for the next day is done before 2:30-ish. i act as receptionist at 1:00 to whenever, because of the real one's lunch break/smoke break. however, i can sit there at her desk and do some of my busy paper work because her computer has most of the things that i need to do my job.

so i have some down time, a lot of busy work that's really repetitive, and a lot of moving around. however, i like routine, and also there's a lot of variety so i'm not bored. things flow well. and there's always room for improvement with the inventory system, so soon i will start learning SQL to get that running better.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Im glad its going well so far. Thanks for the update.