Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i am administrator

so i've finally gotten all the passwords, etc, for my computer, and can finally call myself an ADMINISTRATOR! albeit only for my computer, but heck, it makes me feel important. i figured out the mystery of why my barcodes on my packages aren't synchronizing together nicely. the nurses are most appreciative of my findings. but other than that, work seems to be going quite smoothly.

something that i've realized though, and it made me feel quite ignorant. since in the cath lab there are no open-heart surgeries, i just thought that nobody "dies", and i say that figuratively to mean that cath procedures aren't so dangerous. i was wrong. so far at work it's been peaceful, etc, with only a random "code 99" thrown in every so often, so i assume all patients have been ok. but even if they weren't, technically i'm not supposed to ever know, so i don't know why i'm writing all this now even. but i did my research on a few procedures, namely heart caths, arteriograms, cardioversions, and electrophysiology studies. i schedule an average of 8-12 patients a day, and any number of them can be added on over the night. so i suppose i got "desensitized" to the severity of the procedures being done since i schedule so many. but after doing simple internet research, i've decided that i NEVER want to be in a position to have something like that done to me, and i don't think i have the gumption to be a cardiologist. but i have major respect for them...right now the thought of becoming one terrifies me.

i also learned something else today...whenever they implant a defibrillator (ICD) into a patient, in order to make sure it works, they induce strange heart rhythms so that they can watch the ICD shock the heart back to normal. that makes sense to me, but what if the machine is faulty? well, at least the patient is already in the hospital...

and i am still amazed at how many fat people work at a hospital. aren't employees extensions of the workplaces that they work in? today at the cafeteria they had this casserole (brought back by popular demand!) consisting of ground beef, yellow cadaver fat looking cheese, cream cheese, peppers, and who knows whatever else, and then rotisserie chicken (the "healthy" choice). the casserole looked so disgusting to me, quite reminiscent of that fateful mexican meal i had once, and most of the people i saw getting a single or double helping of it were obese. i guess they can live their lives how they want. as for me, i got the chicken and a 2-week free trial to the local YMCA so i can start getting into a regular workout pattern again.


huitzilopochtli said...

if the yellow cadaver fat looking cheese is looking at you, avert your eyes. looking it in the eyes means you want confrontation.

Anonymous said...

I hear you roar.

crazy j elam said...

well.. the catherization... allows for the insertion of a balloon or a stent.. for most people that works.. for those who are older generally have to opened up because their arteries cannot support the catheter.

-by the way.. salad, qtr chicken, bread/roll, two sides..e.g. potatoes..rice.squash.etc.., fruit, milk, and coffee/tea/water/soda is a good combination.