Sunday, January 14, 2007

attack of the cat!

in random news, a cat has decided to traumatize me by leaping onto my second story balcony repeatedly, even after someone takes it back outside and scares it away. it keeps coming back and meowing loudly. and that's scary and annoying. i hate cats. that's probably due to me being allergic to them, but this cat is certainly unwanted and keeps intruding upon my balcony!

also yesterday me and huitzil saw an alligator. that was neato.

and then to tie this all back to something medically related, i found out that my granddad's cardiologist works at where i work at. how fun! and also the husband of the doctor that helped me get leave also works there. and i always wash my hands thoroughly after throwing the cat out because i don't want to spread germs.

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Anonymous said...

where did you see the alligator? Can you chain it up outside your apt to keep the cat away?