Friday, December 28, 2007

"working" for a bit...

i'm currently doing some "winter" cleaning which involves vacuuming, general straightening up, and sorting through clothes that i don't want/need/can't wear/why did i buy that categories. also, i got over my fear of poking holes in my walls and hung up a calendar of beautiful panoramic fotos of ecuador that H got me. so now i have plans to hang up a few more items, and am contemplating creating a "wall o' pictures"...whoa now!!!

so last week i went to the heart cath lab for a few days to hang out and observe some cases. also helped out with inventory a little bit as to actually be useful. i watched a normal heart cath, lead extraction with icd implantation, subclavian stent, and a femoral arteriogram with runoff. it's quite nice to see all the things that i used to schedule actually being done, and also nice to see what's in the boxes that i used to put up everyday. i chatted with a bunch of cardiologists, and that was cool. there was a nice stent fellow who explained a lot of things about heart caths to me, and it was nice to be able to start applying all my gross knowledge to "real world" type situations. however, i also think that cardiology isn't for me...that stuff is cool, but eh, i still don't like to see blood, and cardiology still seems like to be a "good ol' boys' club", not somewhere a progressive semi-asian gal like myself wants to be.

also, i got an email from the genetics people at my school who wants me to consider working on a summer project with them. project sounds really cool, and that area is something that i am seriously considering for a future career. i kind of realized the other day that i really don't think i'm nice enough to serve people that can help themselves. for example, i don't think i could be a primary care physician to people that don't care about their own health. i know, i'm a young idealist, but i think i'd rather sidestep that whole crowd and delve into a place where i can help people that truly want and need the help. that's why i'm interested in pathology, in that area people are already deceased, and/or it's more of a consulting field. another reason why i'm interested in medical genetics, since people can't help that they're born with a genetic defect. you got to play the game with the cards you're dealt, and since i'm a bit of an obsessive problem solver, i think i'd like to help them play the game well.

in other news, i went to a "paint your own pot" studio the other day. background info: i've done this sort of thing before, and i know that it's actually glaze, but i guess all the people that own those types of studios assume the general public cannot accept the word "glaze", so "paint" it must be. well, when i went to this place with one of my friends, we were treated like 2-yr-olds by the 2 teenage-ish girls that were working there. it was quite ridiculous. they kept insisting that we only "paint on the areas covered with paper towels" so we wouldn't get anything dirty, but the whole place was messy and not clean anyway, so that was annoying. also, there was no other people there except for us, the 2 girls, and some older woman who i guess worked there or something. no music, nothing. we could hear every word said in the echo-y room. so yeah, one girl starts talking about a relative she has that is asian, and she was talking about it in a way that was really irritating me. like, "who knows what he is, chinese/japanese, whatever" and "i can't pronounce his name, we call him whatever we feel like", and then after that the 2 girls began making up "asian names" and saying other things that were offensive. then they wanted to close the shop down an hour early, but couldn't because my table wouldn't "hurry up and leave". sheesh. i'm not really one to get offended by political incorrectedness, seeing that i like to poke fun at my multi-heritages, but you have to draw a line somewhere. conversations for private groups of friends may not be suitable for professional work environments. i also tried to give them a "i can hear you and i'm not happy" look, but alas, it didn't work. when i pick up my pottery soon i'm going to have a chat with the manager (if i can work up the guts to say something). but obviously i'm still perturbed by it since i just typed it all up on my blog. with employees like that, they're going to lose all their business between racial talk and "i want my customers to leave" rants.

so to leave on a happy note, i have a clean apartment and i had a great holiday! if only my allergies would go away, it would be perfect...hahaha...

Monday, December 24, 2007

happy holidays!

merry christmas everybody!

be safe, don't drink and drive, and avoid the fruitcake at all costs. you just don't know how many times that thing has been re-gifted...

Monday, December 17, 2007

i can finally breathe!

so now all my scores are in from last week (except for the national gross/developmental board score), and i can say that i am passing and HAPPY!!! even the biochem test which i thought was so hard, i did well on! can't complain there at all.

while i'm on break i'm working at the cath lab to make some extra dinero. today i got to wear some heavy lead and stand and observe (in the actual room) a left heart cath. it wasn't too dramatic, quite simple looking procedure. the anatomy of the person being cath'ed was interesting. he/she had an ulcer on the right coronary. now that looked quite cool on the films.

today i made a pizza from scratch all by myself! (H helped lay out some of the toppings.) it had a whole wheat crust and it turned out quite nice and crispy. the toppings included teriyaki chicken, yellow squash, mushroom, green bell pepper, and pineapple.

also, word of note...fake soy eggnog is not delicious, and it is still not delicious when combined with organic 1% milk to make a soy "nog" lo-fat latte. the extra sprinkles of nutmeg also didn't help either. i don't know what the heck i was thinking on that one.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

it's almost over...

i just got done taking my gross and developmental anatomy national board exam today. i'm tired. one more test to go, and that's the biochem cumulative final on friday. good thing i have weekend plans with friends that will involve an appropriate amount of revelry and laziness.

now we begin the fun long process of waiting. i'm paranoid that something horrible will happen and they will call me into the anatomy office and tell me that i failed gross. i don't think that will happen, but alas, when you're in my position of having to start over again, the thought of taking gross AGAIN just makes me want to vomit. i don't think that third time's a charm will apply to a third retake of a course. but let me reiterate, i don't think i failed. i actually think i did quite decently on the board today, and that should help me out of course. the head and neck test on monday, well, i knew it wasn't my personal best, but at the same time, i know i didn't make a 30 on it either. so cross your fingers for me!

friday is the big hurdle of biochem. i have my review books in hand and old tests and i will be reviewing like crazy until then.

so now marks the point where i don't have to wear scrubs anymore to class. i actually get to dress like a normal person. that also means i have to shower every morning before class so i look presentable. blah.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

oh. my. ganglion. (!!!)

the's world's top blogs on health and medicine has ranked my lowly writing semi-masterpiece as #575!!!

this kind of makes me feel like an internets celebrity!

and the total number of blogs is 620, so that also makes me feel super loved. hahahaha.

on a side note, i promise more substantial blogs after our test craze. remember, phys and histo on thursday. i've got to work on my spotting of lymphoid organs. yesterday during lab i was having issues spotting differences between lymph nodes and spleen and thymus. blah. my life is a ruin. damn you spleen!!! et tu, thymus-ay? i bite my thumb at thee, vile lymph node! bah!

Monday, December 03, 2007

i ♥ internationalism!

the lovely figure is from my wonderful statcounter which all of you should get if you want lovely figures such as this!

these are countries of the people that read my blog (so far). granted, many countries only have 1 reader, but maybe in a couple months or so that figure will increase as my medical adventures become more interesting. i know, reading about how i hate biochemistry is not an appealing read. but reading about how i helped birth a baby, or cleaned up poo (CODE BROWN!!!), or even assisted (or watched, rather) in cracking open sternums for emergency heart surgery...those will be the glory days of my blog. hahaha. or maybe not. next semester though we'll be in pig labs where we learn how to bring pigs back to life. i don't know what PETA thinks about that, but you have to start practicing somewhere, and i'd rather it be a pig instead of a human for my first go at things.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 week craziness

my "semester" is done dec. 14. until then, i will have 2 weeks of class with 2 tests a week from today in physiology and histology, and then the third week is just HUUUUUGE tests: gross head and neck, developmental head and neck, then gross/dev board, and then biochem final. AAAAK! (note: boards are like standardized national finals for the class. blah!)

can we say breathe?

the other day we had an internal medicine doctor give a "mystery case" presentation. the case was about some made-up dude who fell in the tub and came to the hospital with shortness of breath. the end result ended up being pneumonia, but the process as to which the doctor came to that conclusion was OH so boring to me. strike THAT off my list of things to consider for my future career. like, i didn't care that he MIGHT have a pulmonary embolism. i didn't care about all the minute symptoms and tests and blah blah blah. maybe i was just bored because it was pneumonia or something, maybe i would enjoy a "mystery case" if the end result were more exotic, or if i had more medical knowledge behind my back. but for right now, i am definitely not going to willingly go internal med. (no offense to internists!)

i find myself these days enraptured by listening to my friends' medical ailments and finding probable diagnoses. as i just typed up that sentence, i realize that i'm semi-differential diagnosing them. isn't that what internists do? i'm such a weirdo.

ok, class is starting. everyone, have a good day!

Friday, November 23, 2007

happy day after thanksgiving!

after much eating and rejoicing and general good times, thanksgiving is over. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and i will surely be reminded of how wonderful it is since my mom packed up a TON of leftovers for me to nosh on for the next couple of days. i'm thinking turkey fried rice, turkey sandwiches, maybe making some turkey salad.

we get skulls to learn from during the head and neck block in anatomy. i showed my parents and my brother the skull, and they were all interested in it and all. i showed it to my granddad who FREAKED out. it was so funny! old-school koreans are very superstitious, and so maybe he thought it had bad karma? but he kept giggling like a little school girl, it was hilarious! he eventually poked it with his finger for like 1 second, but never fully embraced it.

i'm definitely taking it easy this break. i certainly needed it. the last couple weeks of this semester is going to be tough. i can't wait till christmas break! hahaha...i've signed up to do some work days in the cath lab over that break. something fun to do and make some money.

well, today will be spent eating turkey, being lazy, and doing some light studying. will it be anatomy? biochemistry? physiology? blah!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

how googlers find my site, part I

since i have a free account with a great site counter, i can see what recent keywords people have put into the googles to come to my site. some of them are so bizarre that i think i should share them with you from time to time and with the link of the posting if there was a specific one clicked.

(and just in case you were wondering, i only know the country/vague region of the computers that had these things typed into. no names, etc. i suppose you could get a search engine that was that exact, but no worries for my counter. i'm not stalking my readers, that's weird. but it is cool to know that i have at least 1 reader on almost every continent. ego boost!)


fun radiology quizzes: ummm, no quizzes here. have i even mentioned radiology?

autobiography like a mexican: interesting...maybe this is a divine sign that i need to learn spanish.

stress test - bra: weird!!! maybe that's a new product that i need. relieve stress, quick, wear this BRA!!!

hawaiian punch teeth: this is a very serious problem indeed. almost like the red wine stained teeth, this is a little bit more cherry red in color.

cath lab, cough: i suppose being in the cath lab can make you cough, but in my experience they usually give you xanax and benadryl to zonk you out. plus coughing would probably mean bad news for the heart since the bodily spasms could cause the catheter to poke a hole in there...

thick scary forests: so, somebody in australia is OBSESSED with these thick scary forests. i bet he/she wasn't too happy about seeing my epiglottis slide.

random quotes about cancer: well, this is normal enough i suppose.

food lab burritos
: are these supposed to be mutant burritos? super burritos? neon green?

no bra obese: OK, so another person (or perhaps the same one?) in australia is wanting to know about obese non-bra clad people in thick scary forests...

syncytiotrophoblast starbucks
: well, that's nice alliteration there, but very strange. i wouldn't want partially formed embryos floating around in my cup of joe...


in another month or so i plan to update this list again. it's kind of fun to think about the weirdness out there...haha.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a tidbit or two

today i sawed off the zygomatic arch (cheekbone, to you laymen). it was kinda empowering in that weird "i've just sawed through bone" sort of way. i also disconnected the mandible from its temporomandibular joint and ripped out the joint with my own gloved hand. (it looks like a giant molar.) woo. head and neck stuff so far is quite interesting, just because it is the face we're talking about here.

also, i ate FAKE BACON for the first time today. yum, textured vegetable protein. yum.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

beginning of the end of gross

today marked the first dissection for the head and neck region. unveiling the face of rex was a little weird. didn't quite enjoy that. but then again, that probably means that i'm not a complete weirdo. but after getting into it and whatnot, it was good. my group did a good job today and we pretty much found everything that we were supposed to even though this was supposed to be one of the more difficult labs this year. i was quite proud of myself, one of the professors came by and looked at my side and said "this looks quite good!". and i had done that side all by myself, and that made me happy. granted, i destroyed some superficial musculature, but hey, i got all the nerves, etc, that i needed to see. woo!

also today was the pediatric interest group meeting. i baked cupcakes for it with "extra fun" added. and spiderman cups. oh yeah. they were ALL gone pretty fast through the lunch line. that also made me happy.

also also today we had a talk from a pediatric gastroenterologist. that talk was COOL. the doctor was a fun lady who had a great sarcastic ring about her, and i loved it. i found out today that doctor's aren't allowed to say that children are "obese". childern are "overweight" and "at risk for overweight" according to some national guidelines of some national medical association. isn't that stupid? if a 9 year old weighs 250 pounds, i'm sorry, but he/she is clearly OBESE. i am currently at the cusp of the higher end of the "ideal weight" spectrum for someone my height according to BMI. (yay!) but you could still consider me overweight. considering me overweight against some 200+ pound kid that is also "overweight"...sheesh. there's a problem with that. there's the argument that "you can hurt someone's feelings by calling them obese". i don't know about you, but one day i'm going to be a doctor, and if someone's clearly obese, well, i'm going to tell them that they're obese because they're paying me to keep them in good health. why sugarcoat and lie? sure, there are more tactful ways and less tactful ways of telling people that, but not "knowing" that you're obese will certainly haunt you in the end.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

odds and ends

so yesterday was our 3rd big gross anatomy test. goodbye pelvis, perineum and leg! hello head and neck! it's really crazy to think that i'm 75% of the way done in gross lab...i'll be sad to leave it, but i will certainly welcome the extra afternoon time to study. and the non-stinkiness. and the option to NOT take a shower immediately coming home from school. oh, and then i'd have my saturday mornings back, since i normally go up to the lab at that time to review. so yeah, 3 more weeks. crazy!

my next test is friday in physiology. we've been studying the GI tract and the mechanics of eating food, swallowing, digesting, and pooping. it's pretty cool stuff, actually. and it reminds me of a talk i went to last year that a GI doc did and i remember thinking, i could be a GI doc as well. they get to talk about eating and pooping and play with machines that resemble nintendo games. granted, they stick tubes up people's butts and whatnot, but it's attached to cameras! and you can cauterize icky things out with stun guns...

then, on tuesday (since we have monday off for veteran's day), i have a big biochem test and a small histology test. biochem is all about breaking down big particles to small particles, for example, glycolysis, or beta-oxidation. that stuff is not fun. however, they are all cyclical and sensical (in that matter), so it will be ok. histo is on teeth and glands. blah!

class is supposed to be starting right now (8:00 am) and the professor is nowhere to be found. oops? hahaha...this guy is kinda psycho anyway. his class is more theatrics than it is actual class. in all actuality, i should skip to study on my own time, but i haven't missed a class yet in school and i don't plan to start anytime soon. oh wait, he just walked in and proclaimed "don't try to take anyone to the airport before 8:00 class. mother of PEARL!!!" weird.

he also said that he has a hybrid car to "stick it to the man". i want a hybrid.

and in that case, i should bid my internet fans adieu.

Monday, October 29, 2007

a fabulous weekend

since i had a "break" from school this past weekend, H and i took a trip to visit the town of our alma mater to eat tons of good food and meet up with friends. also, on friday my school had its halloween party which was a lot of fun. lots of pirates and girls that needed to wear more clothes than they did. so saturday was a nice drive, then the weekend we ate tons of mexican food (like AUTHENTIC mexican, so good) and whatnot. i did some work transcribing (i did a lecture that took like 8 hours to do, and it was very ridiculous), but for the most part i relaxed. but i really understand that lecture now.

this week i'm going to be highly regimented/scheduled. i have to be. tests start again next week...blech. but it was great to have a little break.

oh, and there's nothing like the police banging on your door at midnight. they just wanted to ask some questions about an occurrence that happened. but still, that was a little freaky and took me a while to go back to sleep.

so now i'm at school. woo. i can't wait for lunch.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's vagina time!

sorry that i haven't been posting in a while...things are hectic with all the tests going on and then plus i've been tired and busy...but alas, i must update the internets with my activities!

it seems like all that's going on these days are talk of the vagina and other pelvic structures...the lectures that i've been typing up all involve serious talk of genitalia of both sexes, and while quite enlightening, it's getting old! it's all in an educational mindset, and as a society we're taught to giggle and snicker at any mention of the "naughty bits", but even i am getting bored with talk of it. we had an ob/gyn come in to give a clinical correlation and he left us with this quote "you don't have to understand the pelvic anatomy to enjoy it." it was quite funny to hear that after having an hour or so lecture about causes of amenorrhea (ceasing of menstruation) and watching a video of a surgical procedure of creating a vagina for a woman who just never had one due to some syndrome. (now THAT was really morbidly creepy to watch...relatively simple looking procedure, the surgeons construct the vagina from butt skin, but major sqeamish factor.)

it's quite strange to hold an actual testis in your hand, which is what i did the other day in gross lab. the texture of it is almost like a hard boiled egg...hahaha, sorry if i destroyed that for you. also the cadaver bled on me yesterday (like REAL blood, not congealed clotted blood) and i freaked out (since i have that blood phobia/weirdness). turns out it just hadn't "set" all the way, so that problem should be fixed by the time lab begins tomorrow.

another quote: a professor when explaining the way fecal material passes through the large intestine said "pretend my leg is a terd and my pants are the large intestine..." ok, who can concentrate after a guy who's all about being professional and stuff says the word TERD? or turd, if that's how you spell it. *giggle*

in more personal news, i made my first A in med school on a test earlier this week. i was quite excited, i mean, it was an A and i did ABOVE class average. that made me feel very nice indeed. so i'm basically not in the hole anymore and pretty much hit my stride. i hope to continue this business of doing average and above because that would be super amazing for someone like me who's usually under the average bar (but still passing classes, for clarification).

also, it seems as if fall was totally skipped in this town. summer kind of just went straight to winter. and it's annoying because i haven't switched from the "summer wardrobe" to "cold weather wardrobe" (i just put fall and winter clothes together and layer). so i'm definitely doing an 80's throwback today since nothing really matches.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the october grind

so far this week we've had developmental and gross anatomy tests...we won't get those grades back till thursday-ish. on this coming up monday we have MORE tests...histology, biochemistry, and more develpmental! aaak! but luckily, my weekend after that will be free so i can do something other than study...maybe a weekend trip? or at least a day trip somewhere? H made the comment last night "wow, you're always having tests". well, he's right. i keep reminding myself "this is a marathon, not a sprint", and it's not always easy to keep a positive outlook. yesterday was a crappy day at school...blame it on stress hormones and being a girl and just generally freaking out...i can't seem to get out of my "grades plateau", and it's aggravating me. i know i can overcome it though, and i've made the necessary appointments/arrangements with the right people to get me some good "strategy sessions". tomorrow i'm going to have a mental pep talk, and next week there's going to be an academic pep talk, and sprinkled in between are strategy sessions with professors. haha, med school is not all pretty roses and whatnot, and anybody who tells you otherwise is stupid or is not normal by any means. but i am going to conquer this year because i'll be darned if med school gets the better of me.

so that's that...i've gotten really good at overcoming stress too this year. when i'm overwhelmed, i like to go exercise and i like to cook. yesterday after school i went home, washed dishes, then went to the gym and did some good cardio while watching "america's next top model" reruns (talk about MINDLESS), then to the store and picked up some comestibles, then home to shower, cook, etc. i made a nice salad with teriyaki chicken, apple, mandarin orange, green onion, red leaf lettuce, and feta cheese. oh, and also had a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon called "337"'s a california red and very affordable and tasty. quite nice, if i do say so myself. nicely relaxed, i then commenced reading about vitamins. see...i know how to take care of myself.

OH, and for something fun, yesterday we bisected the cadavers. yes, rex got a height boost, straight across his body just on top of the iliac crest. today we're going to be checking out the bladder and whatnot, then later on this week we're tackling the butt region. luckily there's no poop in his large intestines so we don't have that obstacle to worry about! and he's not that fat...something about butt fat just isn't so pleasing to the senses...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

random observations

wow, i just checked, and this will be my 101th post on this blog. neat!

the past day or so i've been suffering from a weird sinus/allergy induced crud. i'm feeling a heck of a lot better today than yesterday since i slept a lot and relaxed. however, i have a physiology test tomorrow and gross and developmental anatomy tests on monday...not a good time to be sick. BUT, i actually feel good about these tests, so i'm not really worried. you know me, i'm laid-back all the time, or at least try to be.

so for some pains me to see all the smokers outside the hospital "grounds" getting their fix every time i come and go from school. at first the smokers would be sitting on the street, but now i guess they're braver and sit in the shade of the trees in the hospital lawn. how's THAT for image? people staked out smoking, still throwing their cigarette butts on the ground. it's just gross.

i've realized that at my cath lab hospital, the morale seems to be so much better. the cafeteria ladies are nice to you, they don't scare you, and they always say "have a nice day". everyone feels like part of the team. however, at my [university] hospital, you can definitely tell that morale is a lot lower with the support staff. when i go to the cafeteria, i feel like if i say something wrong i might get food thrown at me. aaak! then i realized, OH, [university] is STATE RUN and the cath lab hospital is PRIVATE. big difference! private hospital means better pay and better benefits. whodathunkit!

i'm really enjoying some gross lab these days. supposedly my group's cadaver looks like one straight out of "rowan's atlas", which is an atlas that has pictures of actual dissections instead of more stylized drawings. i would say that that's a great compliment.

i'm also liking most of my class. i get along with most everybody that would want to get along with me (and i with them, for that matter). i really do feel like i am of the class of 2011, that i really do belong to it. realizing that the other day (to the fullest extent) made me think that maybe i was really supposed to "red-shirt" last year because i was so unhappy with the people that were in the class of 2010. so yeah, maybe my graduation date isn't so "square" (11 vs. 10, eh), but this class is more like a good family, rather than backstabbers. big difference!

lastly, for now, i realize that i do learn a lot from reading all those medical blogs. ok, so initially i read them because i wanted to learn more about "being a doctor", and now i read them because i'm addicted. but i'm learning! all the ER doctors talk about pneumothorax, and we learned about those yesterday in class. i read a blog that posts radiology pictures every day, and that has helped me in gross anatomy. so yeah, to any of you big time REAL doctors that read my lowly blog, just know that i really appreciate what you write about!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

still truckin' along...

so life is still good these days. this week has been an interesting one for me. test scores came back, weren't what i wanted, but i was able to analyze what i did wrong. what irritates me is that it seems i have a case of test day anxiety (since so many questions that i missed were due to me being i sincerely KNEW so many answers that i missed), but i feel like that's a normal thing that happens to everyone. so the good news is that i can definitely learn to control that. so i'm not beating myself up. i can't get down on myself, because that starts the vicious cycle that just spirals out of control. i'm learning from it, picking myself up, and going on with school. and a side note, i'm not the kind of student that freaks out irrationally or without warrant. when i say test anxiety, i mean that i legitimately knew the answers, could explain why, teach others, etc etc, but for some unknown awful reason i blank out and there you go. i know the difference between freaking out on a question vs. just not knowing the answer. big difference.

today i had a friend call me up to go running at the local park. (her reason for making me get out was to destress and whatnot, and she was right!) it was quite nice, and she gave me pointers on how to improve my running, and that was very good for me to know. follow that up with some steak and you've got one happy med student.

so tomorrow we have histo and gross labs, and i think that might be the happiest med school day ever, since i LOVE histo and gross labs!!! like, yeah, i'm quite excited. maybe i'm a freak, who knows. oh, and i got a compliment from my gross anatomy prof, he said that he could really tell that i was "stepping up" and "involved" this year, which translated means "you go girl". oh yeah.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

first official freak out of the year

so today was my first official freak out of the school year. gotta say, not so bad. i expected it to be a lot earlier in the year. i think i managed a little over 2 months freak out free. it's ok though, sometimes you just have to let things run its course. i knew that today was going to be it because i got back a test grade that i did not expect and it made me feel very disappointed in myself. then we had physiology lectures where the professor hasn't really gotten this marriage of powerpoint/lecture/real-time quiz thing down really well, so that class was quite frustrating and i felt quite unproductive and confused most of the time. then i got some headaches during pre gross lab lecture (it's weird, my stress this year manifests as severe headaches. last year it was GI distress...) and that was annoying. then lab, which was good, but my lab group was kinda out of sorts so there was weird vibes. plus standing under the lights for a few hours really dehydrates me, then chewing the same piece of gum for hours gets kinda gross, and the smells of the abdomen just aren't that peachy. then coming home, i did mindless chores that i've been neglecting (studying for that damn test yesterday!) and then puttered around. then BAM it just kinda hit me that i'm freaking out! so i freaked for like 10 minutes, then it was over. quite efficient actually...hahaha.

but today wasn't all the way horrible. lab was good after all, since we did see all our structures that we needed to see, and i had a nice dinner of red beans and rice. and the freakout was only 10 minutes. that's an accomplishment in itself! :-)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

scary forest! aaaah! run away!

just thought i'd show you what that scary forest looked like...more specifically this is elastic cartilage from the epiglottis stained with a silver stain to make all the elastic fibers show up black. you can see that it's "contained" within some somewhat horizontal lines on the top and bottom...that's called the "perichondrium". see? scary forest!

and with that, i shall continue on studying for biochemistry and histology tests that are tomorrow. studying for biochem really is pulling teeth. we're learning about membrane proteins which are as thrilling as licking a million stamps. histology, on the other hand, i have come to enjoy, and i hope that i do decently on the test. can't mess up my standing too early in the game now, ya know...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

good news, woo

i just received an email from a prof saying that he was going to accept a certain answer on our last developmental anatomy test on a certain question, and my answer was included in that, so my score went up about 4 points!!! i'm quite excited about that turn of events. you know, i will say that my position this year is a lot better than last year, i mean, it feels great to be mostly on top of things and doing well (in my opinion). granted, i'm nowhere near the top of my class, but yet, i'm learning, i'm making decent grades, and i'm happier.

today we had a thrilling cartilage/skeletal tissue histology lab. i really enjoy that lab, it's nice to put a slide in, see what you're supposed to see, then change slide. and it's there for you. nothing is hiding, and it's all in pretty colors (if you like pink and purple). you just have to know what you're looking for. i find that i'm able to recognize the patterns rather easily, and i have a good idea of what's going on. i also like to think of crazy descriptions, like a silver stained slide of the epiglottis makes all of the elastic fibers in it show up black, so i call that the "evil scary forest". it is quite scary looking. but then when you use a different type of elastin stain, it can show up as lavender, and it's not scary at all. then a normal H&E and it's dark pink/red and that's kinda scary again. plus i have a cool lab partner, and he said he was going to check out my blog one day, so let it be known that i said on this day, thursday september 27, that i said he was a cool dude.

i've got to study some biochem and histology...test is monday. i'm not too worried at the moment, for i have been studying a lot, it's just that there's always something else you could learn. that's the basic story of med can know so much, but then you can always know more. i guess that's why this is a lifelong educational venture...deep.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

random quotes

these are just a list of random quotes that i've been meaning to post....

from a gross anatomy prelab lecture on the palm of the hand (also said by a prof with a thick middle-east type accent):

"you can close your eyes and reach out and touch something and know exactly what it is."
- referring to how packed with neurons your hand is, but when uttered had sort of a porn-ish vibe which made the class feel kinda squirmy.

"baby when you touch me, i know how much you love me."
- same professor quoting a song he heard on the radio further describing the palm.

from a genetics lecture, student is curious about inter-blood-related sexual liasons:

student: "how close is too close?"
prof: "is she pretty?"

from a cancer clinical correlation led by an obviously arrogant doctor:

student: "so are the health care providers in any danger giving out cancer meds to patients (since they're so toxic)?"
doctor: looks to the 2 PhD profs in the room. "excuse me for what i'm about to say." looks to the class of M1 students. "ok, you and i, we are NOT health care providers. WE are DOCTORS." uncomfortable silence ensues.
all other students in class: "so i guess doctors aren't health care providers anymore..."

just thought those would give you a chuckle or two...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

09 22 2007 in numbers

this week in numerical form:

-tests taken on monday: 3
-students freaking out about grades: ~120
-ribs sawed through to get inside thorax: 8
-lungs personally removed by me: 1 (and it was like delivering a baby!)
-cost of my stupid "clicker" for physiology: $42.75
-how much i charge per transcription: $35
-money made so far on transcriptions: $70
-steps per flight in the library: 9
-plasma cells found in small intestine slide: ~5
-pairs of shoes brought to school: 2
-how much dinner cost thursday night with tip: $110
-how much H put down: $10
-amount of free gift certificate: $100
-days left until next test: 9
-annoying persons in class: 2-3
-cost per hour for parking in garage: $0.50
-employee discount at cafeteria: 20%
-employee discount at my old hospital: 24%
-hours to be spent in gross lab tomorrow: ~2
-hours to be spent studying this weekend: a lot
-professors that i absolutely love: 2
-professors that i absolutely detest: 2, but should go up as the year goes on
-start time of class: 8:00AM
-usually leave school: ~5:00PM
-times i thought school was stupid: at least once a day
-girls in my gross lab group: 3
-boys in my group: 1
-alpha female to non-alpha male ratio in said group: 3 to 1
-hearts taken out in rex: 1
-incisions made in heart to study chambers: 4
-number of celebratory "i passed my first gross anatomy exam" drinks last night: 5
-thoughts of regret this morning: 0
-days until it's my birthday and last day of M1 year: 236

i will try to think up some more numbers, but it's kinda hard! school is definitely not as numbers oriented as working was...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

day before first gross test

poo on the brachial plexus! poo!

so i'm not really freaking out about tomorrow's tests (gross anatomy written and practical, and developmental anatomy written), but i think i should be. or maybe i've passed the threshold of freaking out to accepting my fate and not freaking out anymore. hahaha.

tomorrow evening there is going to be a throw down, mark my words.

the rest of this week there will be some major cleaning going on at my place. i have too many "clutter piles" and they are bothering me. i also need to vacuum since my hairs have decided to molt everywhere. and i inquired about some massage therapy services offered at my local Y to see if i can get in on that action because i need some therapizing done on me.

i think also this week i'm going to make another "numbers" post. stay tuned for some numerical fun!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i think i'm still making it...

hello all...

the biochem/genetics/core concepts tests on tuesday went alright. overall, my averages are doing just fine, but i am a little disappointed on my biochem performance. but, i have talked to the professor and he gave me some more test-taking tips (because that's a big problem for me...understanding how the heck to approach multiple choice questions) which i think will help me. granted, at this point compared to last year i'm doing so much better (and i'm also passing every class!), but i know i can do more. with that all said, i have gross and developmental anatomy exams and practical on monday, and i feel better about those tests. granted, i have a lot of studying to do, but the subject material is SO much more interesting to me, and i enjoy reading about it, whereas in biochem it was like banging my head against the wall. bam bam!

i can't wait to get some time again to go back to the gym.

oh, and yesterday at school we had a family residency fair, complete with free food, tons of door prizes, and other little freebies. my name was actually called out for a door prize, and i won a $100 gift certificate to a really fancy restaurant in town! so yeah, i'm definitely going there after my gross test next week and enjoying a relaxing evening with H. and yes, i've already checked out the menu and it's going to be really hard deciding what to get.

and one more thing...right now in gross we're finishing up the upper extremity and whatnot, and it's so cool to see how the muscles in the forearm work. and the names make so much sense to me. you tug on a muscle, see where the tendon is going, and then see the action of the digit. oh, so the pointer finger is extending? obviously that's the extensor indici muscle. this muscle has a bunch of tendons flexing the fingers. flexor digitorum superficialis muscle! with the human body, the muscles are pretty much quite logical. the nerves though, that's still weird to me. though they're still cool too. in rex on one side his brachial plexus contains runaway median nerve fibers (they branched off to join the muskulocutaneous nerve, and then decided to come back home to the median nerve, hahahaha). but then you look at the other side, and it's not like that at all. really makes me think about why it would do that. (and i know that probably doesn't make sense to the layperson reading this, but the take home point is that there are so many non-symmetries in the body.) also, the other day we had a really cool lecture from a neurosurgeon who talked about "stealing" nerves from one area and putting them in different areas to give movement back to muscles that have had their nerves severed in accidents, etc. i honestly didn't know that nerves had that kind of regeneration capability, since you're always told that nerve cells never grow back and whatnot. turns out that's not really true anymore in certain situations. granted it's not going to be 100% better, but if you can get 75% function back in a muscle that didn't work at all before, that's pretty nice.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

what would be your vision of hell?

ok, so it's finally been decided. my vision of hell (well, my current vision) is:

having to stay up past a comfortable bedtime of 10:30 pm while having someone poke your arm to draw all your blood out and while mosquitoes are constantly biting you and you can't scratch AND you have to study biochemistry.

'twas the weekend before test

this weekend as you can infer from the title, is the famed "weekend before a test" where all activities not peripherally related to studying for said test are suspended until further notice. with that said, i have just cleaned out my refrigerator of all things in tupperware type containers that i could not identify anymore and washed all dishes. i also made a cup of lady jane grey tea (for all you earl grey fans out there, this is just like it but not as dark with hints of citrus!) that i am sipping. it's just hard for me to concentrate and study on biochemistry! aaak! i could study gross anatomy forever, and don't even get me started on genetics (which is like the coolest class ever).

speaking of gross anatomy, this morning we had a "practice practical" and i must say that i did decently on it. scored myself and i made a 67%, where 70% is deemed passing at my school. and most of my errors were because i omitted and/or added one word, like forgetting "cutaneous" when labeling a "posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve", or "superficial" for "superficial radial nerve". and the ones where i wasn't sure of, i would put a second choice down, and that would usually be the one that was right. so for the most part, i think the way i've been approaching lab so far is good, just have to ramp it up. always having to ramp it up, i suppose, but at least i didn't tank it like a lot of folks did. thank God for practice. however, we have one more week of lab before the test, and in that week we will be tackling the posterior upper extremity and the entirety of the hand. eeek. a lot of learning.

so now i shalt study biochemistry. grrrr RNA metabolism!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

it's a biochem wednesday

well, actually, it's biochem and gross, but all our morning lectures are of the biochem nature, which means that they are kinda boring. i admit, in the 8:00 talk i struggled to stay awake, but during our break before the 10:00 class i did some power walking and youtube surfing so i think i'll be alright. (plus it's a different lecturer that i "jibe" with a little better, so that should be good.)

today is a pathology interest group meeting, and i must say that i am interested. i know i know, they're weird and cut up dead people or whatever, but the thinking process (to me) is really interesting. you are presented with a case and you are told "figure it out". then you can battle it out with the clinical doctors and confirm or deny their treatment plan. plus, no call, etc. so it sounds very interesting to me, but at the same time, i don't know. hence, going to the meeting. (i have spent some time in a morgue and it was extremely cool in more ways than one, but yeah.)

also today in lab we'll be working on the back of the shoulder and down the arm. (and in medical-speak, the portion from the shoulder to the elbow is the "arm" and from the elbow to the wrist is the "forearm". same for the lower extremity: thigh and leg.)

i'm also running for class secretary. i think i would have fun with it and feel like i was really doing something important for the class. i also think i have a good chance to get it too, but i'm not counting chickens before they hatch of course.

my plans for tonight include going over bones of the vertebral column, doing some biochem, and starting up some genetics. oh, and cooking dinner i believe. maybe not though.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

obviously i am in gross lab now

yeah, so this is what it looks like when you take your lab group's icky dirty lab coats and wash them with tons of bleach and then hang them up to dry, only that they are so stinky you can't let them dry inside so you hang them up outside so that the stench doesn't fill up your apartment. and now of course all your neighbors think you are a weirdo that barricades her balcony with white lab coats. and yes, that is my sad little "garden".

on to biochemistry...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

good lab day

today's lab was awesome. we got to flip rex over and check out his pecs...pectoralis major and minor, that is. in the process we discovered some anterior cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves, and some lateral nerves as well. we also dissected out the deltopectoral triangle and found the cephalic vein and saw where it forked from the axillary vein, then also the thoracoacromial artery and its four branches (acromial, deltoid, clavicular, and pectoral), as well as some medial and lateral pectoral nerves. one of the professors told one of the girls in my group that she was being "too meticulous", which in gross lab speak means "badass". hahaha. (i'm telling you, my group is AWESOME. it's so much fun to go in there, do a good job, get along, and really learn.) oh, and we all have nicknames: skin flap queen, the juice man, fascia girl, and the nerve finder (but i think she's going to get a more appropriate nickname once we see more clearly what her powers are...hahaha.)

the rest of school is going well too. we're learning about genetic disorders in genetics, and how proteins are made in biochemistry. we also started the brachial plexus in gross, and it's a little confusing, but yet, doable. (for non-medicalese folks, a plexus is a really crazy looking network of nerves.)

it's so weird. compare how i was last year at this point in school, and i would believe you would have been meeting a completely different person. this year really is so much better for me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

we have a name!

one of my wonderful gross lab group partners came up with a name for our dude...behold...REX LUTHER. rex for short. since he's the best guy in the lab, he's the king, so therefore, rex!

and my group is so great, we learned everything from the lab that we were supposed to, and all 4 of us can recite it. i'm so happy. i'm trying really hard to learn everything while we are in lab to maximize time, etc, and it helps to teach it to others and have all of us quiz each other and give positive reinforcement. like i say, we're all going to make A's! from learning the serratus posterior inferior to the dorsal scapular branch of the transverse cervical artery, i'd say my group is miles ahead of everyone else...hahaha.

in other news, the back to school party is tonight, and i'm excited about going. mostly excited about the free beer, but seeing friends will be good too. so i'm definitely ready for the weekend. man, this has been a great week. passing all my tests, and having a great gross lab group. can't ask for more, school-wise.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

good news!

i passed all my tests that were today! and my gross lab group is awesome! and our cadaver (who has not been named yet) is nice and muscular and not full of fat! everybody was coming by today complimenting us, and we were so proud of him for having been a seemingly active person.

today in lab we started on the back. my group is really getting along well, and i think we're going to be a great team. and now i have real proof that my new study strategies are working, and now i've just got to vamp it up a little more to really get the grades that i want.

Monday, August 20, 2007

monday is blood gas day

after today, i will have sat through all of the lectures that pertain to our first test. and i will say that at this point, i guess compared to last year, i feel more confident in my understanding of the subject material. i just have to remember to just 1) keep studying and 2) study broadly. and i think that i'll do well, at least i feel confident to say that i'm in the "passing range", hahaha.

the first test will include:
  • biochemistry: cell structure, proteins, myoglobin and hemoglobin, enzymes, and how to analyze blood gases. (66%)
  • histology: light and electron microscopy, how to tell what a cell does by looking at it, and cytoskeleton. (17%)
  • developmental anatomy: from fertilization to the end of the 4rth week of development. (17%)
and actually, all that information isn't that much. gross and genetics start after the wednesday test, so it will quickly become more hectic. how unfortunate! or more fortunate, i suppose depending on what you consider fun.

and with the first test being so soon after we've started, i feel like i've been in school for a long time, when it's only been 1 full week plus 1 day. it's an odd feeling, to say the least. and today i went overboard and brought an extra bag of books, lunch, and water bottle so i could survive the 3 hour mid-day break. and i survived it alright. i reviewed a lecture, did a biochem quiz, and did some practice questions, but then i went ahead and read my online news for today so i wouldn't feel compelled to do it later on today. but normally i would just bring my laptop and a binder for note taking. got to keep it simple. (k.i.s.s.!)

i should leave here around 2:00 or so, and then go home to start studying more. or maybe i'll go to a coffee shop and study until rush hour, but then that would waste some time i think. i can always make my own chai latte in my own kitchen after all. it's so undergrad when i lived like 3 minutes from campus and the small town had NO traffic whatsoever and you could get from one end to the other in just a few minutes, i never really had any issues of losing time. it didn't matter. i could get anywhere in under 5 minutes. however, living where i do now, it's like, ok. 20 minutes to get from school to home when i'm NOT in rush hour traffic, but if i am, it takes longer. ok, then to get to a coffee shop i have to drive to get there, and depending on where i got that's about 10 minutes. oh, and then to actually leave school to get into my car, that takes about a 7-8 minute walk. but then when i get into my car to go anywhere, i'm drenched in sweat since it's so hot. and since when i'm sweaty, i get disgruntled and lethargic as to not make my clothes get sweat marks on them. i guess you can get to what i'm saying, which is i should just go ahead and go home after class is over at 2:00. and that's probably what i'll do.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

starbucks is evil!

as i was browsing this morning, i came across the starbucks oracle. after putting in my drink of choice , a tall cafe au lait, this is what it told me:

The all-knowing Oracle of Starbucks

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:

Personality type: Lame

You're a simple person with modest tastes and a reasonable lifestyle. In other words, you're boring. Going to Starbucks makes you feel sophisticated; you'd like to be snooty and order an espresso but aren't sure if you're ready for that level of excitement. People laugh at you because you use fake curse words like "friggin'" and "oh, crumb!" Everyone who thinks America's Funniest Home Videos is a great show drinks tall cafe au lait.

Also drinks: V8
Can also be found: On the couch at home

eh, i guess it's to be expected that i'm boring. blast, that's such a not nice word to be called. i guess i'll take my boring self over to yoga in a little bit, since that's exactly what boring people do on a saturday morning. and also, mind you, i do not go to starbucks, i in fact make my own coffee in the morning, and for any other coffee needs i go to the local "family-owned" coffee shop in town. and i bring my own mug. boo-yah!!! how's THAT for boring...

oh, and here's the link to the starbucks oracle.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


this morning as i was walking onto the university hospital campus (we have to walk across a busy street to get there), i saw a patient in his pj's carrying his iv pole complete with an assortment of bags and monitors walking down to the street to smoke a cigarette. how stupid. i almost wanted to say something to him, but then thought, eh, he's the idiot, not me, let him smoke and see what happens.

in other news, school is going decently. i'm starting to really get into developmental anatomy, and my notes are all cute with multicolored drawings of embryoblasts and squiggly lines for syncytiotrophoblasts. biochemistry is starting to annoy me since we're talking about hemoglobin and blah blah blah, and histology is alright. for now. i hope. hahaha...

oh, and last night i made a scrumptious dinner (with some assistance from H) that consisted of green beans, angelhair wheat pasta, and pan seared salmon topped with a butter tomato garlic worcestershire and fresh from my mini-garden oregano and thyme sauce. delicious!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

class update

dear readers,

today was our 2nd day of class, and things have been going well. i have successfully managed to sit through all of the lectures with my computer turned OFF. i listen to all of the lectures, and try to take my own notes to make sure that i'm paying attention. i'm on the note service this year, so i have access to audio recordings of all the lectures too, as well as a written transcript. i've been reading the "required material" the day or so before lecture and writing down any words or ideas that don't make sense to me. (i figured out that i'm a "writer", so i need to write things down for them to really stick with me.) i also try to review what happened the day of so i don't get "behind". my biggest goal this year is to stay on top of all the new material, and then use any time during the weekdays that are left over and the weekends to review all the old stuff.

my only complaint so far is that it's been so hot outside, and today when i got home i just laid out on the floor! i was just trying to cool off (i laid down under the fan) and stop sweating, but i guess that turned into a nap. luckily it didn't last too long! but now i am all non-sweaty, i have a glass of water, and i have my developmental anatomy book. oh yes, DA, it's so fun. we watched a video today about development of an embryo and it was really really interesting, but unfortunately it was also boring, so it was hard to concentrate.

and last night was our M1/M2 buddy party at a local bar in town. that was drinks, good music, and good sweaty times. it was fun, even though a ton of folks from the M2 class (that i never spoke to anyway last year) came up to me and talked to me as if i had been on a psychotic rampage and then been committed to a mental institution and had just been released. i mean, come on people! first of all that's rude, and second, a simple generic "hello, how are you doing?" is appropriate and sufficient for someone that you never took the time to say hello to during normal school. a grilling question/answer session about my mental status is not appropriate even if you are inebriated, and all those people better be glad that i am a nice person or several folks would have gotten an earful.

ok, DA time! yay for fertilization!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

just so you know

today i started studying. yes, classes start monday, but i decided to get a head start on my reading. see, last year i was too busy trying to cram in last minute visits to see friends and whatnot. this year, i'm smarter. haha. on my plate today, what is in a cell, acid/base chemistry, and a little bit of gametogenesis. oh yeah oh yeah.

oh, and after i sat myself down to read, etc, i realized that i still have my thing of not being able to sit in one place for forever. my solution is to give myself 20 minute blocks of "you must sit here and study" time, then after 20 minutes i can get up and walk around and then come back to study. that way my slightly ADD self can be harnessed.

Friday, August 10, 2007

orientation recap

hello boys and girls! now that orientation is finally over and i've had a chance to just sit down and not be doing something, i will recap all that has happened in the past few days...


showed up, got the "be a doctor in this state because it's a good thing" speech, talked to some people i recognized from my undergrad school, met a few new people, took a new ID badge photo (which looks great!), and went on about my merry business. that business being going to the cath lab at the hospital down the road to train the new person, which was interesting.


got to school early in the morning for the long and boring "whole school" orientation talk. we learned about HIPAA, compliance, privacy, financial aid, etc, etc. got a free lunch of a nice sandwich, cookies and fruit. then the afternoon consisted of us getting a talk from the associate dean of student affairs, and she explained to us how they "track" our grades and then call us when we're doing bad. (i'll have you know that she never called me last year. ha.) she also explained other logistics about class rank (not ever reported, only used internally), how they report our scores to residency program directors (compare us to our class average), and other programs the school offers to help us along the way. we had a more in depth talk about privacy and compliance, and then went on our merry way. and my way was back to the cath lab. blah!


early morning talk was mostly inspirational stories and whatnot, and then a group of friends went out to lunch. i then went to a different hospital for privacy and security and computer training. luckily my fingerprints were still on file from last year, and the nice lady (who remembered me!) was able to expedite my file just a tad bit. i got a new ID badge there too, and it looks good as well. only thing left is to do a background check, but i do that on my own time. however, my group didn't leave until 5:45 pm, and our white coat ceremony "cocktail 30 minutes" started at 6:00 pm. so i walked like a mile back to my car from the hospital, raced home, took a quick shower and changed, and raced back with about 5 minutes to spare before our fancy dinner. inspirational speech, creeds were recited, and we were called up one by one to get our short white coats. how cute! afterwards, me and H and some other friends went to a bar/restaurant to celebrate, and that was fun and quite low-key.


today was easy. i went into the cath lab in the morning, and then went to school for "computer training" that i didn't have to go to. then ate lunch with H and some of his coworkers, then came back to school for a library tour. then i went back to the cath lab and now i am at home. tiring!


so yeah, all in all orientation was good. lots of nice people, and i have a better feeling about this year versus last year. at least i'm a lot more motivated, and i think i'm actually going to start some reading tomorrow so i can get a head start. i know, nerdy, but if this was your last shot at school, i think you'd be getting a head start too. i also got to see all my M2 friends, and that was good too. it's always nice to see friends.

so tonight i'm going to take it easy. i should do some dishes, but eh, i don't think that will happen. hahaha. but i will take a nap and eat a nice dinner somewhere, so it shall be pleasant.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

first day of orientation

so orientation today was nice. i saw some familiar people, and talked to a few new people. nothing really exciting happened. just got a new ID picture and some papers to fill out. the most exciting thing that happened was being catcalled at (we had to "dress up" today) by some old dudes in a garbage truck. they called to me, i waved, and they hollered more. fun.

i'll write more about orientation tomorrow. i'm tired after creating some yummy sugar snap pea and shitake mushroom and teriyaki chicken pasta.

Monday, August 06, 2007

less than 24 hours...

oh wow. orientation. tomorrow. 1300 hours.

it feels weird to not be at work right now, but i am certainly enjoying my day off. i ran some errands, went to the gym (i rode a bike and finished my kafka), went grocering, and then came home and made a badass sandwich. honey wheat berry bread, smoked ham, baby swiss, tomato, avocado, crispy bean sprouts, and a touch of mustard. delicious! the only thing missing was some onion and/or cucumber, but yet, the sandwich was so good anyway.

i found out that we're getting free lunches this week at orientation. i think one is sponsored by a bank (so we can give them business, i suppose), and the other is sponsored by some military group. and i always feel bad eating military sponsored meals, because i have zero intention of ever joining a military group. it may be for some others, but not for me. this year, if i can help it, i won't go to those because i don't want to give a false impression. and it's weird, because i have no qualms about eating lunch bought for me by a medical device sales rep, because it's THEIR money (go capitalism) that they're throwing away, but if i eat lunch from the navy, or army, or etc, i feel bad because it's taxpayer money (or just government money in general), and that's not how that miscellaneous money should be spent. (why not end war in iraq? universal health care for babies? give me a bigger tax refund?) i say if you want to join the military and let them help you through med school, you don't need an extravagant free meal to tell you to do that, i would imagine you would already know what you intend to do since it's such a big decision anyway.

*jumps off soapbox*

oh, and the other day a friend an i went to the local coffee place. i ordered a cafe au lait, and my friend ordered a soy chai latte. and the guy ringing it up said "one choy latte" and i thought it was clever.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

almost there...

i'm just sitting around in my *clean* apartment waiting for some friends to show up. now it's just started raining, which hopefully will cool down the outside since it is so hot and humid. i heard today had the potential to be the hottest day (as far as today's records go), but with the rain, maybe that won't be the case.

i dropped of my white coat, pin, and book yesterday at school. found out i don't have to get a new ID badge picture taken, but yet, i think i will get a new one because a new badge = new beginning. i know, all symbolic or whatever, but i've got a new hairstyle (no more weird colored hair, and definitely no more bangs), dropped some weight, and want a different colored shirt on so it won't look like i'm almost naked next to the backdrop. almost as if i underwent a metamorphosis (by the way, i'm reading "metamorphosis" by kafka) but it's a nice one, and i don't leave sticky stuff on the floor while i walk around. and most definitely don't do walls or ceilings.

i went to a vietnamese restaurant for lunch today. it was weird, because for a while there were only asians in there. this place is a hub for all sorts of asians, and i have seen vietnamese, chinese, and koreans there that i know of. (note: i am a fully americanized born and raised in the usa half-asian.) and there were TONS of full blooded asians in there, and it was strange because a big group came in and stood right next to my booth (where i was reading kafka) and one of the ladies practically invaded my space and almost sat down across from me. (i had my feet propped up in the seat that she was about to take.) and it reminded me of my encounters with some "old school" asians and how they can be really nosy (asking questions like "what is your gpa", "how much money do you make", "how much scholarship money do you have", etc., without even batting an eye, and don't try to evade answering, they'll keep badgering you) and encroaching of personal space. there were PLENTY of other places to sit, why they chose to hover around me, i don't know. however, i have learned not to be perturbed by it (from them) since i look like i'm supposed to know "the ways" (and the language, for that matter, and i don't), and having been subjected to it many a time, i wasn't too bothered by it today. luckily they sat a good distance away from me, and i was able to continue reading and eating at my leisure.

Friday, August 03, 2007

happy blog birthday!

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear blog
happy birthday to you!

one year of blogging, and hopefully many more years to come. woo!

and today at work has been great. they had a party for me and there is so much food! medtronic brought chick-fil-a, cordis brought a cake, and a bunch of staffers brought cookies and oreo pie and other yumminess. i haven't eaten anything green today, and that's a little scary. (note to self: eat only vegetable and fruit matter for dinner.) and i'm leaving a little early so i can take my white coat back to school so they can "regift" it to me at this year's white coat ceremony. how nice! hahaha...

one of the cardiologists here gave me some good advice for school. he told me to try anything and everything (as far as rotations go). he said, "frylime, if you're interested in internal medicine, then do as many rotations in other stuff as you can, because you'll never get to do things like ob, or derm, or ent, ever again. and also look into the long term lifestyle commitments. if you want to get married and have a family, you might not want to be in a job where you take overnight calls often." wise words from a nice man. i'll definitely have to remember all of that.

in other news, my old cell phone died and the cell phone people were unable to transfer all my numbers to my new phone. it is quite sad because i had amassed a large quantity of numbers.

also, I FINISHED THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK! wow, after reading the last one EVERYTHING fell into place. it was really good. the last 150 pages or so had me laughing, crying, anxious, upset, happy...oh it was so good.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


i just realized that i started this blog a year ago tomorrow, and that's the day i get to stop working. how ironical...

so much has happened in that year. wow.

so today i sit at working rewriting the inventory coordinator manual because that's what i do. i'm holding up the front office by myself, and it's a little annoying because i'll get into a groove and then have to answer the phone, and that totally throws me off. but it's ok, it's my job. and i'm kinda getting a little bittersweet about it. people who aren't going to be here tomorrow for my party (!!!) are finding me today and giving me hugs and stuff, and that is making me so sad!

and i'm actually starting to feel some doubt about starting school again, and a teeny tiny part of me wants to just go off and get an engineering job (since i do have a ChE degree and i wear my "order of the engineer" ring religiously) somewhere and go on with my life, but yet, i guess doctoring is my "calling" at the moment, so i need to just stick with it for now. i know it's normal to have doubts and fears sometimes, and i guess i'm just worried that i'll just repeat the horrors of last year. then again, i know exactly what i'm getting myself into this go around, i have amazing M2 friends that will help me out, and a better all around attitude. i've got my schedule pretty much lined out:
  • get to school around 7:30-8:00 and go to class or the library to commence studying. and since this year i'm going to get on the note service, i can afford to not go to certain classes where my time would be wasted and go straight to the library. i can catch up on the class lecture later on my own time.
  • i will only go to classes that contribute to me learning, and not go to classes where it is too confusing for me. that's an hour i could have learned something else.
  • take a break for lunch.
  • study in the afternoon, or labs, whatever it is.
  • take a long break for exercise, running errands, cooking dinner.
  • in the evening, pre-read for the next day and lightly review what i learned earlier in the day. i suppose that some study group stuff could be done in the evening, but since i go to bed around 10:00-10:30 that could be a problem.
  • on the weekend i will need to review what happened that week.
and see, i definitely did NOT do that last year. i let the stress and my contempt of school get to me, so that as soon as i could get away from school i would. then i would end up trying to cram everything a few days before each test block, and that would be horrible. i would understand what things were and how they worked (so engineering), but all the minute details that they want you to know for the tests, well, since i crammed, they didn't stick, so i wouldn't do well. i would stress myself out because i wouldn't pace my studying like i should have. and i have definitely learned from that.

i will be more tolerant of people, but at the same time, i won't force myself to hang out with people or try to impress people. i actually did that last year...the whole "let me hang out with you because i want to have a group and be kind of popular" or something, instead of doing my own thing which i normally do. and then when that didn't work out, i became more and more antisocial. that is not what i want myself to be, and at the same time i am so thankful that i had friends outside of school, and also that i have a great boyfriend who helped me out by making me happy or cooking me dinner, haha, and going with me to study in weird places so i wouldn't be lonely or anything. but this year i have more friends, especially Sunny, who has really been there for me and will continue to be there (or i'll have to do something mean!!!) and we'll cheer each other on because that's what friends do.

gah, this post has really turned kinda sappy and emotional, but it feels good to get stuff out of my mind. i'm afraid of disappointing people if i don't go through with school this go around, but at the same time, i'm ok. worst case scenario, i'm a chemical engineer, and i really enjoyed my time studying and learning engineering. it really wouldn't hurt my feelings to wash my hands of all of this, pick up and go somewhere else, but i have this opportunity now, i'm still young, and i have to try. so there you have it. my long introspective post on the eve of my blog birthday. stunning.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

work, blood phobias, and hawaiian punch

work is going along well...i definitely have the work version of "senioritis" today, but surprisingly, i've had to go hard at work! aaah! today my boss told me what i great worker i am, and that really made me happy. and one of my coworkers told me how much she was going to miss me (we work really close together) and that she was giving me a "see you later" present since she didn't believe in "goodbyes". so nice. oh, and my boss basically promised me the summer student position in the cath lab, and that would constitute helping set up for cases, learning how to scrub in, and possibly assisting. it would definitely involve doctors "pimping" me, but that would be a very nice job because it would be very hands-on, i would know everyone and be very comfortable with the place, and it would help me overcome my blood phobia! ooh, and i could possibly get my benefits back, because by then i'll be on the prowl for new health insurance...hmmm...

which that brings me to my next topic...yesterday H cut his ankle and there was just blood coming out like a gusher! aaaak! i would put pressure on it, and it still would gush, and only when he laid down and elevated his ankle did it finally stop. the whole time i thought i was going to cry or puke or something because it was blood and eeew blood is gross. H, however, was just fine, and i think he enjoyed my ninja turtle bandaid, but maybe he was just humoring me. but see? i have weird relationship with blood, and i just hate it! like, i'll deal with blood and whatnot, but i won't like it. i just don't. it's like fluids being sucked out of your body...suddenly i'm reminded of dr. strangelove...

and then hawaiian punch. anyone close to me knows that i have a fear of high fructose corn syrup. it is evil and horrible and should be banished to the far reaches of space. however, whenever i get an "express meal" at work, a 20 oz fountain drink is included, and me wanting to get the full benefit of my money, get the drink. and i know that they all have HFCS in every drink they have, and i cringe whenever i do it, but i always go for the hawaiian punch. the freaky deaky HFCS laden red as blood hawaiian punch. i swear, i don't understand myself. i try to console myself by saying it's uncarbonated, so my muscles aren't getting eaten away by the bubbles, or that it's uncaffeinated, so that my daily coffee habit doesn't get jealous, but alas...i cannot escape the fact that HFCS is lurking in my sugary hawaiian punch, and for that i am a horrible person. and who knows what it's doing to my teeth!!! aaah! i can feel my enamel screaming in pain now...

and a school note...we got academic calendars emailed to us today, and it kind of made me sad when i was transferring all the dates into my planner. at least we get "study days", which will probably prove to be a great thing. but goodbye to all the random road trips and free evenings. blah. at least i know i have a job waiting for me next summer, and that's one less thing to worry about.

Friday, July 27, 2007

the hell that is inventory

this week has been busy at the cath lab because of the annual inventory count. as the inventory coordinator, i obviously had a large role in that count. we passed the inventory audit with flying colors, but not without much heartache and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

let's just say that after 4+ hours of meticulous data entry (and then only being a little over halfway done with that data entry) someone comes along and destroys all the work that you've done. in one click. ONE CLICK. and this person has been aggravating you all week long, and at 3:45 pm on a friday afternoon tells you that they've erased all the work you've done. well, needless to say, i was not happy, but managed to keep myself composed as i calmly walked away. lucky for me, someone was having a birthday party so i got myself some cheesecake fruit pie and started to feel better. the nurse manager told me not to be too upset, because we passed the audit, and everyone knows that the inventory will never be truly exact, and that everyone also knows all the hard work i've put into it, and it's friday afternoon, so GO HOME! and that i did! and now i am writing this blog, and i only have exactly one week of work left, and i CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL to start. this job has been great, but my destiny is not to be an inventory coordinator forever.

this weekend is going to be a fun one. making a trip back up to my ol' college town to visit friends, might brew a batch of beer soon, and have started some knitting projects for some work friends (hats for their babies). le sigh...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

a running start, if you will

today was a day of new beginnings...

i cleaned up my "office", a.k.a. the junk room. not only does it house my all powerful looking desk, it also has an upright piano, 2 bicycles, a little tv (has a vcr in it, that's the only reason i have it in here), some shelves for books and other miscellaneous things, and a few expertly placed boxes of stuff i've yet to unpack since moving in. so i cleaned it up, dusted (which is something i overlook a lot for some reason), and rearranged my desk contents. and why did i do all this, you ask? because i went to office depot (or was it office max?) and went SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING! yes, i was so excited, TOO EXCITED, when i saw the 2/$1 economy 1" binders on sale. since they were so cheap, i splurged on pencils, highlighters, and some pilot pens that are the best pens ever. pilot precise V5. yes. those are gifts from God, and i love them so. isn't it silly how a school supply trip can be so exciting? i swear, me and huitzil stayed there for a long time just browsing. and it turned out that the dude who helped me find more binders was dating the daughter of one of the cardiologists that works in the cath lab where i work! CRAZY!

so you know, i should be all ready for when school starts. i'm even reading "how to win friends and influence people" by dale carnegie to get me back in my social game. now if only i could find a lunch box...

Friday, July 20, 2007

only two more weeks!

that's right, only two more weeks of working in the cath lab! this girl is quite excited, and is also quite excited about back to school shopping!!! paper, binders, awesome little pilot pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc, woooo!

i have what one of my coworkers calls "short time syndrome", as in i only got a short time left. and boy, i can feel it. it's quite similar to senioritis, but a little different, in that i will be sad to leave a steady income and the people, but yet, this job, well, i know i'm destined for more in this life.

so let me recount some of my favorite moments this past week:

1. floor nurse calls me to order a procedure for an inpatient. she says "i want a are-tear-grum, per-cu-tane (insert unintelligible babble here". so i say ok, you need an arteriogram for patient X, what kind is it going to be? she repeats "per-cu-tane", which for all those out there, doesn't exist. after a long conversation, she finally says "renal" which makes perfect sense, and the conversation was over. (she just wanted a renal arteriogram.) kinda scared me when the floor folks can't even pronounce a procedure correctly, but it was fun trying to decipher what she said.

2. i got to tell some sales reps that "no visitors are allowed in the cath lab today". (sometimes the sales reps try to come back and "visit" and clog up everywhere, and these ones were especially sleazy and a little on the dirty-business side, so it was my great pleasure to keep them out.) HA. remember when i got to put that sales rep in his place? this was sort of like that. and this time someone told them that i was about to go to med school, which made me feel important, so obviously they weren't going to be able to get past me! (don't see how that just made sense, but it did sort of, and i was happy.)

3. i was only at work for 3 days this week because of my bay vacation. woo!

4. free lunch today!!! yay!

5. a cute old couple was waiting for the wife's echocardiogram. she was cold, and i got her a warm blanket, and she was just so happy! and then the husband said something funny and/or silly, and it was just so nice! it almost made me want to just hug them all for no reason.

6. cath lab was busy, so there was lots of work to be done, which meant no "sitting around for no reason" for frylime. that was nice, even though i was busy a lot and a little stressed, at least i was earning my keep.

there's probably more things, but i can't remember. it's friday night, dinner's cooking, and i'm drinking a red stripe. life can't get any better than this!

Monday, July 16, 2007

bay update!

when one goes to the bay and anticipates eating a large number of crabs freshly caught and steamed from the water, don't eat a bazillion all at one time. you will then get a stomachache and not feel so good, but then it's all worth it because it's crabs and it's the bay!

Friday, July 13, 2007

short trip

i'm leaving to go to a lovely long weekend at the bay tomorrow, so i shan't be posting anytime soon. however, when i do get back, i have cath lab observation stories, and also i think i will add a list of medical-esque blogs that i read because it's only appropriate.

as school gets closer, i get more excited! i've decided to start reading "how to make friends and influence people" by carnegie in preparation for the hopes of having a more vigorous social life within my new M1 class. besides, many people have recommended the book to me, so therefore i should check it out, right? do what people tell you to do?

also, another observation really quick, is that whenever the medical students come to the cath lab to observe "their patient", they just follow their doctors around like little lemmings or something. if i help them figure out where to go, or even what button to push to open a door, i don't even get so much of an appreciative "head nod". i mean, come on! the "lowly" person helped you, and i don't expect a verbal "thank you", but the universal "head nod", is that too much to ask? so yeah, most of the older med students i've seen so far are pricks. blah to them. however, i did see one of the family doctor "mentors" that was my group leader for a bit last year, and he's a super nice guy, and he recognized me! and wished me luck for this year! maybe he was just being nice and polite, but it really seemed like he cared and/or remembered me, and that made me feel just that bit more happy. then the pricky med students silently watched on, reminding me of the weird presence/vibes., you don't have to speak, but just exude some sort of niceness. it's all in the body language. but i suppose that's what separates the men from the boys...or the nice folks from the pricks...hahaha! just file that one away in the back of my head so that when it's "my time", i'll remember to be nice to everyone...or at least smile at people.

Monday, July 09, 2007

good luck for me!

like my countdown to med school over there on the right hand side of the screen? yeah, i thought so. it only took me a little bit of effort googling and whatnot to create it...

so when creating the countdown, i realized that i really only have 4 weeks left of work. well, less than 4 weeks, and i'm going on a mini-vacation this friday that will be until next tuesday. aaah! therefore, i needed to make dentist and eye doctor appointments to take advantage of all my health insurance benefits. i was SO lucky to get a dental appointment today!!! (hurrah for last minute cancellations!) and SO lucky again to get an eye appointment for thursday! isn't that fabulous? and my dentist appointment went well today, unfortunately i have "areas" that the doctor will be "watching", and that makes me sad. (my last two dentists said i had textbook perfect teeth, and i always loved going to the dentist for that reason. but now i have misbehaving teeth, and that is bad.) i don't eat too much sugar, but i also don't drink as much milk as i used to. maybe i should start taking calcium chews. and i still have some money left in my health insurance deductible, so i wonder if i should make up something just to say that i used all my benefits to the max...

and the plague that i thought i had? well, it didn't turn into plague! yay!

the cath lab was swamped today at work. tons of cases, and everyone was going crazy! as for me, i had a light load today, which is nice for a monday, but i really can't wait to go back to school. i had fights with 2 printers today, but i only won one of them. blast those paper jams!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

one of those days, i suppose

when i awoke this morning i came to realize that my body didn't feel good. as the day progressed, i have come to find that i am most likely on the cusp of getting the plague, so i have been loading up on vitamin c and water, and will soon take a nap. i need to get better because this weekend is packed full of activities that i will not want to have the plague. and i was a sight to see at work...i got a blanket and wrapped it around me while i sat in my dark little hole and organized the inventory database.

now i'm thinking...what if i don't have the plague? what if i have west nile or something like that? that would make sense, since yesterday (happy belated fourth of july!) i got besieged by rampant mosquitoes. i didn't like that very much (but i did engorge myself on a hamburger AND a hotdog AND addictive guacamole. it's nice to be an american sometimes.). so now i most likely have a cross between the plague and west nile. great. that's most wonderful.

also, i bought baseball tickets to a game tonight, and what would you know, it's raining! aak! and i only got the tickets because i was peer pressured. damn that peer pressure, i hate it! but i think it's still early enough we can cancel the tickets or something if it doesn't let up.

only 33 days until school starts! how exciting! i mean, i can't wait to enslave the next 2 years to book learning and the rest of my life to dealing with patients! yay!

oh, and i decided to start home brewing my own beer, and i ordered all the supplies today. i think i will be charting my progress on the comestible station, so check that site in a week or so.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

work stuff...

so things have been going along, and yes, i changed my blog look again. i'm a girl. i can do that sort of thing. at work things have been going well. i am now the implant keeper, so that means i get to keep all the pacemakers, leads, and ICDs in a locked cabinet by my desk, and i log them and whatnot in my nifty excel spreadsheet. and i organized a lot of stuff, which was quite satisfying to do. i also got to tell a sales rep what was what after he tried to pull a fast one by me, and that was also immensely satisfying. how many times can a 22 yr old girl tell a 40-ish man how it is? (my exact words were "it would be in your best interest to...") it felt good, real good, and the boss was proud. yay!

i also ordered a good lunch for the department yesterday, and i got a ton of compliments. my secret? ask a pregnant lady what she wants for lunch. generally, that gets the job done and everybody's happy in the end.

40 days till school starts! woo!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


i saw this on a blog that i read often!

Online Dating

the reasons?

i have the following words on my blog:

  • hurt (4x)
  • sex (2x)
  • pissed (1x)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


so today after another boring day at work (well, not totally boring...we're gearing up for the big inventory count at the end of the month) i found myself getting really excited about going back to school. 48 DAYS! so that means in 44 DAYS i get to quit my job! well, "quit", since i'll be a contract worker in the future, but yeah, QUIT! i'm so excited to learn something new and NOT be a glorified secretary. all my respect goes out to them. today i was so tired of answering the damn phone, scheduling people for their interviews/lab days, and staring at the computer screen forever. i guess i don't really have the patience to really do that kind of stuff all day long. i like to be active and run around. my days are SO predictable, and i crave an environment where at least i can be thrown a curveball every so often.

i also decided that today i need to learn spanish. mind you, i've had 2 years of high school classes, but obviously i'm not to where i need to be. i spent some time researching medical spanish courses for the summer, and i even found some online courses that involve webcams and whatnot, but that kind of weirded me out. luckily, i happen to know someone who has a full grasp of the spanish language, and i'm sure he'd tutor me once i decided to get my act together and really learn the language, which i guess i should have been doing all summer.

today i learned what over the wire (OTW) and rapid exchange (RX) meant, and it was exciting. you see, in order to get the stents and balloons into the arteries to do their business, you got to "push" them along a guidewire. and it's my understanding that the wires themselves can be OTW or RX, which are two "varieties". OTW literally does mean "over the wire", in that the stent can be placed over (or under, i guess depending on your perspective) the wire sort of like a monorail on its track and "pushed" along. evidently this is the "old school" method and not as preferred to the RX variety, which kind of cradles the stent in between two wires, so therefore is a little bit easier to maneuver. (ok, so i might have totally botched what they mean, but hopefully you got an idea.) the vendor who told me the difference said that most hospitals have a 60% preference towards the RX.

oh, and one of the summer help folks quit today after ONE DAY of working in the lab! that person must have really not wanted to work in a hospital after all!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i'm back!

i'm back after an extended vacation to DISNEYWORLD! fun times fun times, but i've done enough of disneyworld to not have to go back for at least 10 years...i mean it is where "dreams come true", but goodness, sensory overload!

also, i don't understand why my pizza post decided to be single-spaced rather than 1.5...this is extremely puzzling and i need to find the root of the issue...

observations of disneyworld:
  • children must be at least 48 inches to ride all the cool stuff, and if they aren't tall enough they will pitch fits and throw tantrums and scream and cry which is VERY loud.
  • the "witchy" mothers who expect all the rules to be broken for their children. example: if you don't get to fantasmic (a fireworks/laser show) at least a bazillion hours before, you will be in the standing room only section, so don't get mad when your kid doesn't get a seat, and don't yell at why the handicapped people can get seats last minute when you are fully capable of standing.
  • the food of epcot is absolutely amazing and divine. eat as much as possible.
  • white skirts are not desired during afternoon thunderstorms as they will become soaking wet and see-through.
  • turkey legs smell like bacon to the general public.
  • sweaty people who can't walk in a straight line and run into me therefore depositing their sweat onto me are GROSS PEOPLE and should be put in jail or something. EEEW!
  • riding expedition everest 3x in one day is AWESOME.
  • it's VERY nice to come back home.
and to make this medically-related, i got a case of some crazy heat rash that has just about gone away. it was SO HOT in orlando, and my non-sunshine seeking skin got overwhelmed. oddly, i did not burn like i thought, just heat rash. but i do have a nice tan now which i haven't had in a long time.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

first glimpse of the new class

today was a good day...went to work for 1/2 the day and then headed over to the school for a lunch and orientation of the free clinic that the students run. got my first looks at the newcomers and saw some "old" folks that i knew from last year. fun, exciting, and kind of awkward to see everyone. i also wore a nametag: "frylime, m1". sort of weird. and i've already been lambasted by a few of the newbies asking me all sorts of questions like "how much will i have to study", etc etc, and honestly, i will NOT have people who stress me out get the better of me. not everyone gets a second chance at med school, especially since not very many people get the first chance in the first place. so i won't be having annoying people stress me out. period. but i've already met up with some cool laid-back chill people that i know will be fun to hang out with, and since i know a few versus ONE from last year, i think this year will be better already! oh, and it was really apparent who was "older/mature" vs. the "spring chickens/immature" people. aack. i hope that i wasn't an especially freaky immature person last year, but a part of me doesn't think i was at all, since i didn't compare my undergrad grades to everybody else's or try to one-up others by bragging too damn much about my life. nah...this year is going to be GREAT and i will make good grades because of my PASS M1 YEAR PLAN IN THE TOP 50% OF THE CLASS. hahahaha...

oh, and free clinic was good. i take a really great blood pressure reading, and i didn't pass out when i watched someone give blood.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


today i got the MOST amount of praise at work...

what did i do? did i figure out all the inventory snafus? did i do life saving CPR on a patient? did i page multiple doctors without breaking a sweat? did i keep the doctors from taking dumps in the bathroom with no ventilation system even though it's in the middle of all the cath labs and i can smell the fumes through the WALL into my office area? NO...


that's right. a sales rep approached me today and asked if he could buy lunch for us, and he wanted us to get pizza. 15 large pizzas, to be exact. (we feed around 40-ish people.) no problem, for there is a handy dandy little pizza shack right near the hospital. so, me armed with a menu and a very pregnant lady, created the most incredible, delicious varieties of pizza. a run down, if i please: carnivores 4, veggie 2, pepperoni 2, cheese 2, spinach alfredo 1, canadian bacon 1, hawaiian 1, thai chicken 1, fajita chicken 1. evidently that was the BEST variety of pizza ever ordered in the history of the cath lab, and therefore the best day of my existence.

and what else for today...i figured out what weekly planner i'm going to buy so i can be uber organized when school starts again. i also went to the gym for a 5:30 am workout class and am still feeling the soreness affects of it now. (it seriously kicked my butt...awesome!) me and h are making M.C.P.S. (recipe on the comestible station blog) for dinner tonight, and that will be awesome as well.

i've also discovered a bunch of emergency doctors' blogs and i've been reading all of them religiously. i've also discovered, and have been researching residencies all over the place (mainly east of the mississippi). it's so weird, i'm more obsessed with the latter half of my education than i am passing the first year, let alone the first test. i need to get my priorities in order!

p.s. i decided to change the looks of the blog because all that green was freaking me out.