Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WHOA genetic testing!

as i read the new york times this morning, this article makes me want to be mad! why would any parent willingly and wantingly allow their child to be born with a defect? i can see where they are coming from, the deaf and achondroplasic parents, and if they conceive and bear children the "natural" way and the kid comes out not totally normal, then ok, that's cool. but willingly and wantingly going out of their way to ensure the kid's un-normalcy is apalling.

there are genetic defects for a reason. as one of my friends says (and she's studying for her doctorate in molecular genetics), something like this, "all these bad genetic and environmental things are happening because mother earth is sick and trying to get rid of some of us". binge and purge. that's why we had the great flood during noah's times, the plagues of egypt, tsunamis, bubonic plague.

now, i'm not trying to say that people born with defects are in some way undeserving of life. they are still human, and all humans have the intrinsic right to try and live somehow (but then there's the argument of keeping alive vegetables and whatnot, but that's another story for another day), but don't you think that genetic defects are mother nature's way of saying WAIT! SLOW DOWN THERE! and for parents to willingly inflict diseases and disorders on their children is just hogwash! after being in developmental anatomy for all this time, sheesh, if a baby makes it out normal, that's a huge success in my book after learning about all the freaky things that can happen in utero, like 1/1000 chance of this, or 15% of all babies get that. that's why prenatal counseling is sooo important, but alas, that is also another story.

ok, enough of my ranting.

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Evy said...

I think I just read that same article. The only 2 defects mentioned were dwarfism and deafness, right? I found it really strange that parents would want that for their kids. Plus, wouldn't the kids get really mad later on in life if they found out their parents had wished that on them? I also find it hard to fathom how a doctor would agree to it. That's just me ...