Friday, December 22, 2006

ok, the job description...

alright alright, i'll tell you about the job that i really believe that i will get!!!

it all started with an application to a job that advertised for an "inventory coordinator". a phone call and a short drive later in the next two days, i found myself sitting in the baptist hospital's HR department. a nice lady came up to me and told me that she would be taking me to the cardiovascular diagnostics department for the interview. so we walk out of HR, outside, inside the hospital and up the elevator. she directed me to this little waiting room, told the receptionist that i was there for "judy" and left. the receptionist then turned to me, sizing me up and down, and starting talking about all sorts of things. (evidently, if i get the job, i'll be working closely with her, and that's great! she's really nice and fun.) then 2 or 3 other people stop by, and they're all having a grand ol' time. the receptionist said, if you want the job, just tell her and they'll give it to you. yeah!

so my interviewer comes and we go to her office. she told me immediately that i was overqualified, but then asked me to tell her about my education experience. i told her about being on leave from med school, and that i was going to go back in august, etc. she then told me, well, i'm going to have to work hard to find a reason to hire you to justify you only being employed for 7-8 months. i beautifully spun that negative question into a quite positive answer, saying that i would be willing to train people to take over, and that i'm a really organized person, etc, etc. she seemed to get excited, because she said, actually this job is 3-fold, and it's kind of disorganized, maybe you could do a great job for us by streamlining everything. i heartily agreed! i told her above all, i was an engineer first, and engineers are always looking for ways to streamline, to simplify, to organize. she got really happy after that.

now the job description: i would be in charge of scanning the stock as it came in, and then making sure the nurses scan things out properly for the cath labs. i would also be stocking the "stock room" and the labs so that everything was readily accessible. also i would check the overall stock against what the computer says just so that everything's on target. i would also be responsible for making sure the items used on the patient are billed to that patient's bill. the next part of the job would be acting as a back-up receptionist whenever she was out for lunch or on break. and the last part would be scheduling patients to go to lab, so i would have to know what they needed done, which lab did that, and which doctors would be available at certain times. i would have to be computer savvy (check!), able to look at a computer screen a lot (check!) and have good interpersonal skills (woah dang, check!). and while i was there, i'd be writing up protocols and procedures to make sure everything runs smoothly, because that's just the kind of person i am. and i would have my own cubicle! yay!

and the pays between $8-16/hr, depending on some formula, so i'm shooting for at least $12.50/hr. and the hours are 7:00-3:30, M-F. great! so today she's going to call me to tell me my "pay rate". i'll be surprised if i don't get the job...she told me i was a "breath of fresh air" compared to the other candidates, and she's excited about what i can do for her, and what they can do for me (being that i'm a future medical student and whatnot).

so in retrospect, i totally turned that interview into a great one, wowed everyone, got introduced to the whole department, lots of praise. all the negative questions got very positively-spun answers, that were still very truthful. i hope it works out!

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That sounds great! "Good job!" says Connor.