Wednesday, December 20, 2006

no, i don't have a GED.

so i've applied to a total of 10 jobs thus far, and been rejected to 2, so that is a net of +8. i wasn't considered for psychology technician, because, well, i'm not a psych major. understandable. however, i wasn't considered for a lab assistant job (which HELLO! that's what i did all through undergrad) because my 4-year chemical engineering degree and 1-2 years experience (at least!) didn't compete with the GED + 1 year experience requirement. alas, what a cruel world we live in. however, it was pointed out to me that two things probably happened. 1. they already filled the job up with someone they knew already. 2. i was overly qualified. i prefer to think that no. 2 was the reason why i was passed over. hahaha. no big loss. job didn't even pay that well at all.

i have also come to the realization that chemical engineers are not wanted in this immediate area. i have found zero job postings, and mind you, i've looked in so many job listing directories, etc. the only thing that i could remotely find that i could qualify for if a stretched it, well, it's like a 45 minute commute drive to get there, and i'm not about to spend 1.5 hours commuting every day for a temporary job. call me selfish. so i guess health care it is still. today i applied to "inventory coordinator" of a cardiology department (i like to count! yippee!) and also "blood bank assistant" (the ONLY blood job that i've found that will teach me the skills of phlebotomy on-site).

when the school system picks up again, i will march myself into the nearest school's office and apply to be a substitute teacher. maybe somebody will have a baby and go on maternity leave so i could sub long-term for a math or science class. or something else scandalous will happen, and they will call me to come in and save the day. that would be nice.

so the bottom line is: i need a job. i'm going crazy. books are helping me, but they aren't the cure-all. and though i know i could get a job, i just don't want any job. i want to reserve the right to still be picky. but eh, if the end of january comes around and i'm still jobless, i guess i will have to prostitute myself out for anyone that will hire me. and that's a scary thought.

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Evy said...

Look, if you're up for being a sub, unless you like the flexibility, with your science degree, you could probably get a full-fledged teaching job after Christmas. Just fyi. Consult your friend huitzi.