Tuesday, December 19, 2006

job update

so far, nothing's really happened on the job front. i have 9 applications out, and am still searching for more jobs to apply to. i have friends on the "inside" at school that are trying to help me out, and maybe that will come to fruition. in the meantime, i have decided that i'm going to look into signing up to be a substitute teacher for the county i live in. have a temporary "call me as you need me" job is better than no job at all. and plus i've always been interested in teaching, and i'm good with kids of all ages, having been a camp counselor back in my day and also doing some engineering mentoring of sorts. so i think this afternoon i might go by the local elementary school and sign up, and then have them send off the applications to the other schools. hopefully i could do something math or science-y in the jr high/high school realm, because i would just mess up english and history really bad. and i think i would like to be called "miss frylime" because hearing my last name would just feel kinda weird. and maybe i would lie and say i was 28 years old so i would get more respect.

i've still been thinking about medical things. and i need to come up with a schedule for some light medically related reading. maybe re-explore my textbooks. how about genetics?!

and i read a ny times article about aneurysms and brain surgery. COOL! ha, and i knew exactly what they were talking about. go me, go me!


Evy said...

Why dont you find some medical journals you like? Can you still access the UM library?

frylime said...

i could probably sneak into the library, but i do have some journals that are mailed to my apartment that i like to read. i think it's a good idea to keep up, as well...