Thursday, December 14, 2006

application count

so far i have applied to 7 jobs, some lab research techs, some just kinda random. my promise to myself is to apply to at least 1 new job everyday until i get one. i've posted stuff on and now the wait there begins!

and so now i'm just enjoying the lazy life. or, i guess slowly going crazy. i've visited the local library, which is kinda small, makes me sad. i've been cooking, watching trashy tv, just feel like my brain is going away. this afternoon i think i'm going to clean my place up (which i've been saying that i'll do for a while anyway), and i've got a lunch date with one of my girlfriends in town. (note: not THAT kind of girlfriend...sheesh!) eventually i need to make up a "review my old med school books" schedule so i can stay fresh.

so i think i'm inducing carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand. luckily i finished enough school to recognize the symptoms and identify the nerve affected, etc. i'm such a nerd.

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