Monday, November 20, 2006


so today we dissected the eye. got to get a hammer and chisel and chip out the part of the skull on top of the eye on the inside. (remember we took out the brain the other day?) then since in my group i'm considered the best at dissecting out the tiny things without going crazy, i was elected to be the eyeball orbit fat digger-outer. so tedious. i found a frontal nerve, a ciliary ganglion, and some arteries. and some tiiiiny arteries or nerves or something. oh, and also the optic nerve, which is huge! and the eyeball, gosh, it's such a weird organ. we had a group argument over what color the dude's eyes were, and i swear that they were blue. has/had to be. but it was such a weird angle to work from and my arms got really tired. but i think i did a good job. it felt good to know i really contributed to lab today.

for lunch we had a GI doctor come and talk to us. he gets to stick cameras down people's throats and up their butts. fantastic! sounds like i could enjoy that...hahaha. (i don't know.) and we got to see what some medications do to your esophagus: grows FUNGUS on it! eeeew! fungi on the esophageal wall is kinda gross. and so are ulcers and cancers and whatnot. blah!

so the take home message? eyeballs are weird, and fungal esophaguses are gross. chao!

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