Monday, October 23, 2006

ick ick and more ick

lately we've been doing some really disgusting dissections in lab. anal triangle, urogenital triangle, eeeew. we also cut the body in half and split the legs apart. i got the glorious task of cutting the penis in half. found out that our cadaver had some crazy prostate cancer. another cadaver actually had penile implants! we thought his thingy looked a little funny...

but was a horrible day for smells. i thought i was going to yak a bunch of times. you think you have a tough stomach, but then one thing will set you off. today it was poo remnants and flaky foot skin. shudder.

we also had a clinical correlation on different types of amenorrhea. pictures of patients included. that was a little strange.

ok, shower time. gross lab funk isn't that wonderful after all...

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