Tuesday, October 31, 2006


today as i sit for my 9:00 genetics class, i am pleasantly surprised that my favorite professor is lecturing. even though this stuff isn't on the next test, i am always fascinated by this subject, plus this guy is a total smartass and i think he is just amazing!!! and i am always irritated at my classmates who choose to skip class closer to test time. there are only 16 people in class right now, and my class is 117. people need to learn professionalism or something, this is ridiculous.

and i found this online this morning, and i find it quite interesting. click on the multimedia presentation thing, and it will show you 2000 cal/day meals versus 3000 cal/day meals. i really think we've seriously skewed our understanding of portion size and whatnot, and i think i'm going to have a more concerted effort to know exactly what i'm putting in my body. i should definitely try out more vegetarian dishes too. i really want to be able to set a good example, and this morning, on the way to class, i saw a woman who was quite obese, and i was thinking, how would i know if she was pregnant? like, if i were a doctor already, could i tell or what not without doing tests, etc. and one of my close associations will always point out the obese people in our immediate vicinity. and while it is sort of an inspiration to work out more and eat better, i feel bad for those people because i am doing the "well i'm better than you" rationalization, which isn't right either. and it really is hard to motivate people to be healthier. i mean, if it was difficult enough for me, who has a bmi of 26 which means i'm a little overweight, to get off my butt and actually be proactive about health, what about other people? according to this bmi calculator, i just need to lose 8-9 pounds to be "normal weight", which i'm trying hard to do.

hmm, maybe i should keep a food journal or something.

back to mitochondrial disorders. yay for genetics!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

ick ick and more ick

lately we've been doing some really disgusting dissections in lab. anal triangle, urogenital triangle, eeeew. we also cut the body in half and split the legs apart. i got the glorious task of cutting the penis in half. found out that our cadaver had some crazy prostate cancer. another cadaver actually had penile implants! we thought his thingy looked a little funny...

but anyway...today was a horrible day for smells. i thought i was going to yak a bunch of times. you think you have a tough stomach, but then one thing will set you off. today it was poo remnants and flaky foot skin. shudder.

we also had a clinical correlation on different types of amenorrhea. pictures of patients included. that was a little strange.

ok, shower time. gross lab funk isn't that wonderful after all...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

can i hear a BLAH?!

i currently really hate school. blah.

that's why i haven't been posting. hate and no time since i've been studying.

how about i phrase my hatred as a dear john letter?


dear med school,

deep down inside i love you, med school. i really do. but right now you're taking up all my time. i understood it when you took all my money, a girl's got to dress her school up right! but taking my time away? my soul? my innermost fiery passion?!?! it's too much. but i can't just leave you, me and you, we've been through so much in the last few months. i just need a break, just a small one. could you just give me an hour of my life back so i can watch "flavor of love 2 finale"? just one hour! i still love you, and i always will...

your peon,


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

want to learn how the heart forms?

this is sooo amazing. i highly recommend it to everyone! it's about 9 minutes long, and the dude that talks makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside...

my synapses are hurting...

yet another thrilling day in the life of a M1 student. today is wednesday (obviously) and it's wonderful because a) it's HUMP DAY! and b) NO GROSS LAB! and speaking of gross lab, yesterday was an uneventful exploration of the abdomen. clyde had a ginormous amount of fat and my group had a lovely time dissecting it all out. we think he had some sort of hernia surgery. it's kinda weird, whenever we find stitches or weird lumps or whatever, we get really excited, but that was probably really devastating to clyde when he was alive.

in histology today we have a fabulous professor professing to us. we're learning about muscles, and this guy is really enthusiastic about them. and he wears pink pants. he's not gay. he's cool! (note...not at all saying that being gay is not cool...) he just said that muscles are important in urination! awesome!

found out that one of my good friends is interviewing here next week, and that makes me happy. he probably won't come here, but eh, it will be fun to throw food at him at lunch.

my school is trying to enact a "dress code" on us students. it's kinda silly, but i can see the need to dress and act professional in a professional setting. we are going to school in a hospital, so we shouldn't look like hootchies in class. the administration wants ties, etc, and we're just like...umm...no. i honestly think that they're trying to do the dress code thing because a few chicas in our class dress like hootchies...i mean, if you've got the thoracic surface anatomy, by all means show it off, but not during class. that's kinda funky...who wants to pick up a fellow med student? everyone's neurotic. i've already heard of rumors of inter-med student hookups and breakups, and eh, i don't see the glamour in dating a fellow student. granted, they're ALWAYS THERE and you could study together, but the competition can get fierce (even though we're supposedly "non-competitive", or trying to be). i'm a big advocate of dating people with interests other than yours, and you could pretty much assume that everyone in the class is a drone of the other. sort of. maybe i'm wrong. BLEECH!

ooooh...fusiform cells are AMAZING.

i made some awesome chicken, rice, zucchini and squash last night. i ate much. and then i was full.

i'm going to see if i can get a hair cut today. as a med student, you almost never have time to do anything normal. well, at least at my school. classes are 8:00 - 4 or 5:00. that kinda sucks. and i think this weekend will be a free clinic volunteer day. that makes me kinda excited. and with that, i will end my ramble. chao!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

i am med student, hear me roar...

hola cyberspace...

i know, long time no post, but things have been a little rough when it comes to school. tests are proving to elude my brain, and my scores aren't where i want them to be. challenges are fun, right? i can survive med school, right? let's hope so...

i'm making the necessary appointments, changes, etc, to make sure that i have a successful first year of school. a successful career also. yeah...

ok...got to go study and wash the old scrubs. they smell like stank.

oh and on another note, i got to hold a heart in my hands on friday. it was so crazy. my group was beginning to dissect/find the heart veins and arteries, and i was like...wait. let me hold it. so i did. that was sooo crazy. i mean...it's a heart! aaaah!!! and it was bigger than i thought it would be. then again our dude is big. way to go clyde!