Monday, September 11, 2006 quizzes!

so school's been going swimmingly, and i think i've finally gotten in some sort of rhythm. i'm stll annoyed by the people who ask stupid questions in class, more pissed about the stupid competitiveness of the class, and gross lab is kinda icky. with lab, i can deal with the muscles, the cutting and digging around, and the smell kinda goes away after a while (but it does hurt my nose and eyes every so often). however, if i see hands or feet, i freak out and feel queasy. i can look at the face. but hands? eeeew!

also we've been given access to this "careers in medicine" tool to help us figure out our "future careers" or whatever. i've taken a few online quizzes (which i find both fun and fascinating) and according to the first one about what i "value" or "don't value" in my future career, i value service and abhor prestige. that sounds about right. according to my meyers-briggs test (remember...ENTP?), my top five career options best suited for "my" personality are:
  • internal medicine
  • pathology-anatomic and clinical
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatry
  • surgery-general
and the weird thing is, i was thinking about peds or internal medicine. and 2 summers ago i did this summer research thing and went to the pathology presentations once a week in the morgue and though it was fascinating. who knows. i took another "interests" test, and that one included ob-gyn (in addition to internal med and peds and psychiatry i think), but i don't think i'd want to do that. i really like the idea of pediatrics or med/peds (which is BOTH! HOT DAMN!), but i really want to go into adolescent medicine, which is a subspecialty of pediatrics. so i think i'll probably go into that. (i'm the kind of person that likes to go ahead and decide what's going on with her life so it's a little easier.)

ok...we're supposed to be doing some voting thing now (class is over, so therefore my blogging time is over! hahaha...).


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