Wednesday, September 06, 2006

gross lab begins!

a day of days to remember...first day of gross lab! was gross.

we go in and there are these metal tanks everywhere. we are to go to our tank, and load up our cadaver. they come up underneath these white sheets and it's like HELLO there you are! we had to roll ours over...kinda weird. and the smell of formaldehyde. icky. so icky.

today we explored the back and some nerves. fun times. oh the major and minor rhombi, the lats, etc etc. i got kinda queasy, but i think it's because it was so hot and we had to stand for such long times. and i hate wearing gloves, but the alternative is just repulsive to me right now. and looking at the muscles, etc, was cool. but when it was just skin...that kinda got to me. and i didn't like to look at the hands. that was just a little too much.

i needs to go study now. after the final results of the first round, i need to work a lot harder. it's ok though, no worries!



Goose said...

Bleh... I'm not a fan of disections. I even managed to get out of most of it in high school and at NWCC because A) my mom didn't like the smell of the frog and crawfish, so I talked her into letting me skip it and B) at NWCC my lab partners did all the disecting and I took notes... from 6 feet back. haha.

crazy j elam said...

well I hope that you were at least able to compare the actual body parts to your Netter's Atlas.

Perhaps, at least you're not wearing a full protective suit with those drop down air masks.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend memorizing terms and discrete concepts.