Wednesday, September 20, 2006


my apologies if my posts are boring...

so today is our day off from gross lab. yay! yesterday in lab we dissected the palmar part of the hand which proved to be a little difficult. however, it was really cool to tug on the muscles of the forearm and watch the fingers move. the floor was still slippery from all the fat dripping onto the floor. so what does one do when the floor is slippery? mop it up? no! that's way too normal. i took advantage of the slippery floor by moonwalking and whatnot. it was hot. oh, and we named our cadaver "clyde". clyde is cool. he has a naked woman tattooed on his inner thigh (as well as other tattoos everywhere else), so he's the stud of our class. and the heaviest. and fattest and stinkiest. gah!

currently i'm learning about chondrocytes. oh it's bone. ok...learning about bones. so much fun!

it was nice not to wear scrubs today. (you wear scrubs while in gross lab if you value your clothes.) i like to have pockets.

we have our next round of tests starting monday. i plan to do much better on them than last time. you can bet your serratus posterior inferior on it. or your rough endoplasmic reticulum. catch my drift...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

food/gross lab association

hola readers (if i have any)...

2 days ago i had my first food/gross lab association experience. it wasn't good. if you are queasy, then maybe you should stop reading, or maybe not. it's not that bad...

i had gone to a quaint little mexican restaurant in downtown podunk, and ordered a "pitorrito", whatever the heck that is. my lunch date ordered a burrito of some sort. when the plates were set out in front of us, we both gasped. smothered all over our respective burrito-like food items, was a thick, greasy, melted SHEET of YELLOW CHEESE! he gasped and made some "that looks so unhealthy" type sounds (referering to all the grease and whatnot). i gasped because i had flashed back to gross lab, where the melted greasy yellow cheese looked quite strikingly similar to yummy back fat. i immediately became a little nauseous, and while my date was making snarky comments about our dishes, i carefully pushed aside all the cheese, and ate a few bites. it took every ounce of non-throwup power i had to eat it.

so if that wasn't bad enough, in lab that day (yes...AFTER lunch) we were to expose the pectoralis muscles and take a gander at some wonderful nerves and blood vessels. easy enough. however, after making the skin flaps, we were left with a beautiful layer of thick yellow greasy FAT to contend with. our profs wanted us to "reflect" the fat. that means they wanted us to keep all the fat in one big layer, one big sheet, rather than cut off little chunks of fat. so off we go, carefully separating the fat from the underlying fascia and keeping it in one long thick blubbery sheet, and i can't help but get a little sick feeling from my memory of lunch. come to think of it, i'm getting a little nauseous now recanting the story, so maybe i should stop. all that rancid stinky greasy fat...ugh...and the grease was dripping off the sides of our tank onto the floor, making it slippery. the whole time i was cutting i was trying not to imagine someone gnawing on the fat sheet, because it really did look like a nice block of yellow cheese. shudder.

i hope your day is swell, whoever reads that. no more mexican food for me for a while.


Monday, September 11, 2006 quizzes!

so school's been going swimmingly, and i think i've finally gotten in some sort of rhythm. i'm stll annoyed by the people who ask stupid questions in class, more pissed about the stupid competitiveness of the class, and gross lab is kinda icky. with lab, i can deal with the muscles, the cutting and digging around, and the smell kinda goes away after a while (but it does hurt my nose and eyes every so often). however, if i see hands or feet, i freak out and feel queasy. i can look at the face. but hands? eeeew!

also we've been given access to this "careers in medicine" tool to help us figure out our "future careers" or whatever. i've taken a few online quizzes (which i find both fun and fascinating) and according to the first one about what i "value" or "don't value" in my future career, i value service and abhor prestige. that sounds about right. according to my meyers-briggs test (remember...ENTP?), my top five career options best suited for "my" personality are:
  • internal medicine
  • pathology-anatomic and clinical
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatry
  • surgery-general
and the weird thing is, i was thinking about peds or internal medicine. and 2 summers ago i did this summer research thing and went to the pathology presentations once a week in the morgue and though it was fascinating. who knows. i took another "interests" test, and that one included ob-gyn (in addition to internal med and peds and psychiatry i think), but i don't think i'd want to do that. i really like the idea of pediatrics or med/peds (which is BOTH! HOT DAMN!), but i really want to go into adolescent medicine, which is a subspecialty of pediatrics. so i think i'll probably go into that. (i'm the kind of person that likes to go ahead and decide what's going on with her life so it's a little easier.)

ok...we're supposed to be doing some voting thing now (class is over, so therefore my blogging time is over! hahaha...).


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

gross lab begins!

a day of days to remember...first day of gross lab! was gross.

we go in and there are these metal tanks everywhere. we are to go to our tank, and load up our cadaver. they come up underneath these white sheets and it's like HELLO there you are! we had to roll ours over...kinda weird. and the smell of formaldehyde. icky. so icky.

today we explored the back and some nerves. fun times. oh the major and minor rhombi, the lats, etc etc. i got kinda queasy, but i think it's because it was so hot and we had to stand for such long times. and i hate wearing gloves, but the alternative is just repulsive to me right now. and looking at the muscles, etc, was cool. but when it was just skin...that kinda got to me. and i didn't like to look at the hands. that was just a little too much.

i needs to go study now. after the final results of the first round, i need to work a lot harder. it's ok though, no worries!


Friday, September 01, 2006

i'm aliiive!!!

after freaking out about studying, not studying, freaking out, tests, etc, the first round of tests is over and i feel fine! granted, i didn't make an A, but i know i didn't make an F either! yay!!! breathe a big sigh of relief. woo! and i didn't do an all-nighter either. oh yeah.

now i'm fixing to go on a short little road trip to my alma mater for a night of jubilation. a great way to reward myself for nothing. but alas...not too much partying for the labor day weekend because biochem test is on tuesday.

oh...and if you want some good food to eat...try PHO, vietnamese soup. it's delicious!