Thursday, August 17, 2006


as i sit in the library in my wee little break between classes, supposedly reviewing the slides for my biochem lecture, i feel quite satisfied about school today thus far. why so? you may ask...don't fear! i of course am going to tell you and make you understand why!

reasons for satisfaction at this moment in time:
  1. made and drank delicious coffee this morning. it was composed of the most perfect proportions: 4/5 strong coffee, 1/5 milk, and 1/4 tablespoon of brown sugar. seriously, brown sugar is the key to ANY wonderful coffee beverage.
  2. genetics classes this morning were really great. granted, the prof doesn't ever finish what he starts, but he's a total jerk and I LOVE IT. people were asking really dumb questions know, the kind that if you just took a few seconds to think about it, you would realize OH, ok. see...the lectures were about bayesian analyses. so that for all you laymen out there just means probs and stats of inheriting certain genetic diseases. very interesting. of course if it's probability, things are unsure, and some people were very bent out of shape of things being not black and white, but a nice shade of gray. and the prof very awesomely put them in their places. i loved it.
  3. going to get free lunch at the ob/gyn thing! it's about future cooter doctors, but it's free food! enough said about that. i'm going to review my amino acids for a bit. oh yeah! go protein go!


Anonymous said...

How much studying have you had to do so far?

Are you finding that 'group'?

frylime said...

i've studied about 1-2 hours after school, and this weekend i've obviously studied a lot more. i'm going to aim for longer study periods for next week. (it's taking me a little bit to get used to the new schedule!)

and yeah...i've found my group!