Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ready thy womb!

those were the words that kept running through my head during today's developmental anatomy class. some of my friends and i would say that this summer in an attempt to be silly at the bars (concerning fake "hookups", etc), but in class today, after learning about the ovarian cycle and blah blah blah, the catch-all phrase was READY THY WOMB. we also talked about cleavage, and the prof said "not THAT kind of cleavage". priceless. these first few days are coming along now. today was fun, even histology (which has proven to be SO boring) was kinda interesting. we did this pH workshop for biochem and boring. i mean...the henderson-hasselbalch equation can only take me so far in my quest for greatness, and 2 hours of workshopping the damn thing made me grumpy.

tomorrow me and some nerdy med friends are going to score free lunch at the ob/gyn interest meeting. we're going to be TEAM 'GINA, pronounced "teem JEYE-nuh". close alternates to TEAM 'GINA were "the V squad", "the vag' teasers", and "the cave dwellers". should be a fun lunch. i hope they wash their hands.

i learned today that the gap is launching some line to help raise money for AIDS/HIV awareness/research/something like that in africa. i'm so happy!!! it's the RED line or something similar. check it out!

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