Tuesday, August 08, 2006

orientation day 1

today was our first day of orientation. i will never EVER wear heels ever again. we took pictures for our ID badges and i fixed some registrar things. got the booklist and found out it "isn't complete". oh joy. it's so hard to remember people's names too...but i think i'm finding out my "people"...you know...that "group" you'll be with forever studying together. and they said that our class is "one of the most diverse groups in a LONG time". hmmm...interesting.

i talked with the admissions people about what to do to un-PhD myself. (i'm currently MD/PhD.) turns out it's really easy. just the idea of having to live here for 7 years instead of 4 kinda makes me sad. and then i feel like my life goals are changing their directions again...nothing wrong with that. and i don't want to have to "work" in labs during the school year and during the summer when i could be studying more or doing cool international trips or something. i really want to learn spanish...or just travel. gah!

in summary: orientation today was quite boring and a little unorganized. found out quitting things is easier than previously thought.

i hope the rest of the week picks up!

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crazy j elam said...

well.. Emily, the first week is slow, and then it picks up rather fast according to my friends who are in med school across the country.

Enjoy your musings at the world, and pick up a few periodicals to read daily such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or the Clarion-Ledger to get your mind out of its stupor.
Then you might want to start reading periodical journals, such as the AMA Annals,NEJM, Nature, etc.

Harrison's and Grey's along with your flashcards for Gross should keep you from getting bored. Get ahead, and stay ahead. So that the lecture is a review.

Have fun