Thursday, August 24, 2006

the flock...

right now i'm sitting in the classroom during our "break" and i can't help but notice the "flock" of people that run down to the professor after EVERY class. it's the SAME people every time! the same people ask stupid questions, the same people kiss ass after class, the same people blah blah blah. it's so dumb. it's so obvious what's going on. it makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth. and some friends are thinking of taking over the front row. there's a group that swarms the front row and that gets angry if people are in "their" seats. note: there are NO assigned seats. but heaven forbid if someone is in "your" predestined spot. anal-retentiveness in where your ass sits during the day is SO unnattractive.

good news...i LOVE genetics! i never thought i would say that...but yeah! i love genetics! on the other hand...i HATE developmental anatomy. blah.

for lunch i'm going to eat a baked potato and a wonderfully delicious salad. i'm so psyched.

update: the "flock" is now answering each OTHER'S questions, and not directing them to the prof anymore. he can see right through it! i swear he can! it's all for show!!! oh the humanity!


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