Sunday, August 06, 2006

an experiment of sorts...

so today i procured a scale that has some really nifty "extras"...not only does it tell me my weight to the tenth decimal point, but i can "program" it so it also tells me my body fat and water content percentages. WHOA!!! that's crazy!!! so i think i'm going to track my weight/fat/water numbers during med school to see how the stress positively or negatively affects me. hopefully the "med school diet", complete with home-cooked meals, insane amounts of coffee, elliptical loveliness and light weight-lifting to reduce anger at fellow classmates and classes, will pay off in the long run. i can my future patients take me seriously when i'm an unhealthy slob? actions speaking louder than words...what a funny concept. (note...i'm only at the higher end of the acceptable bmi for my age/height...but i definitely have room to grow in the "lose some weight and get healthier" category.)

i guess i'll start that experiment in a few days. i'm sort of lacking the necessary 9-volt battery needed to power the damn thing. and i also have to use it with "moistened foot bottoms" because it sends electrical currents through my body. that's kinda scary. or maybe kind of cool in a star trekkie sort of way...

oh...that reminds me...i think i'm going to dye part of my hair purple tomorrow. we'll see how that goes.

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Tiff-Tiff said...

I hope it works for me .. I could stand to lose a few. Although weight loss due to stress doesn't thrill me, it might well happen in med school. Actually, I'm pretty excited. yay us. Remind me of this when I am freakin' nervous before exams . . lol.
Take care!