Monday, August 21, 2006

aaah! it's medical school! a week of school and a day are officially over with. what have i learned? that i need to study a hella lot more. i'm going to predict that genetics will be the hardest for me right now because of all the diseases, memorization, etc. next will be developmental anatomy. same reasons. i am SO glad i took biochem in undergrad. that is saving my butt right now.

the coffee before class trick seems to be doing well for me. every other day i go and work out at the gym. that's nice. even though i'm terribly tired afterwards until i eat, i really do feel like i'm gaining energy. more energy is always good.

i'm happy because i have found folks now that i think will be my good med school friends. and the people that sit around me and i share a hatred for "front row question asker boy", more recently referred to as "el presidente", as well as all the other shmucks who care to clog up class time with stupid questions, only to complain that the profs never get through lectures on time. hats off to the guy that put them all in their places last week. oh...and might i add it's always fun to look at the "worriers" of the class...not only do they flock to the front of the room after EVERY lecture, in addition they always have a look of HOLY SHIT written on their faces. i'm interested to see what the outcomes of the first set of tests does to certain folks.

with all that...i think i'm going to take a nap. i am beat...and i need/have to study like 3-4 hours tonight. boo.

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crazy j elam said...

it appears that Emily is starting to enjoy her lectures and normal ms1 life. I hope she has better expectations for this week.