Monday, August 28, 2006

first round of tests...


have i ever told you how much i hate studying? and how much i'm scared of the first round of tests that start this friday? friday and tuesday. those are the tests that sandwich my otherwise could-have-been-perfect labor day weekend.

i am not a happy person right now. and i'm on my third cup of coffee for the day. blah.

i volunteered at the local free clinic this past weekend. it was amazing. i'll write more on that later, probably after these tests are over.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

the flock...

right now i'm sitting in the classroom during our "break" and i can't help but notice the "flock" of people that run down to the professor after EVERY class. it's the SAME people every time! the same people ask stupid questions, the same people kiss ass after class, the same people blah blah blah. it's so dumb. it's so obvious what's going on. it makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth. and some friends are thinking of taking over the front row. there's a group that swarms the front row and that gets angry if people are in "their" seats. note: there are NO assigned seats. but heaven forbid if someone is in "your" predestined spot. anal-retentiveness in where your ass sits during the day is SO unnattractive.

good news...i LOVE genetics! i never thought i would say that...but yeah! i love genetics! on the other hand...i HATE developmental anatomy. blah.

for lunch i'm going to eat a baked potato and a wonderfully delicious salad. i'm so psyched.

update: the "flock" is now answering each OTHER'S questions, and not directing them to the prof anymore. he can see right through it! i swear he can! it's all for show!!! oh the humanity!


Monday, August 21, 2006

aaah! it's medical school! a week of school and a day are officially over with. what have i learned? that i need to study a hella lot more. i'm going to predict that genetics will be the hardest for me right now because of all the diseases, memorization, etc. next will be developmental anatomy. same reasons. i am SO glad i took biochem in undergrad. that is saving my butt right now.

the coffee before class trick seems to be doing well for me. every other day i go and work out at the gym. that's nice. even though i'm terribly tired afterwards until i eat, i really do feel like i'm gaining energy. more energy is always good.

i'm happy because i have found folks now that i think will be my good med school friends. and the people that sit around me and i share a hatred for "front row question asker boy", more recently referred to as "el presidente", as well as all the other shmucks who care to clog up class time with stupid questions, only to complain that the profs never get through lectures on time. hats off to the guy that put them all in their places last week. oh...and might i add it's always fun to look at the "worriers" of the class...not only do they flock to the front of the room after EVERY lecture, in addition they always have a look of HOLY SHIT written on their faces. i'm interested to see what the outcomes of the first set of tests does to certain folks.

with all that...i think i'm going to take a nap. i am beat...and i need/have to study like 3-4 hours tonight. boo.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


as i sit in the library in my wee little break between classes, supposedly reviewing the slides for my biochem lecture, i feel quite satisfied about school today thus far. why so? you may ask...don't fear! i of course am going to tell you and make you understand why!

reasons for satisfaction at this moment in time:
  1. made and drank delicious coffee this morning. it was composed of the most perfect proportions: 4/5 strong coffee, 1/5 milk, and 1/4 tablespoon of brown sugar. seriously, brown sugar is the key to ANY wonderful coffee beverage.
  2. genetics classes this morning were really great. granted, the prof doesn't ever finish what he starts, but he's a total jerk and I LOVE IT. people were asking really dumb questions know, the kind that if you just took a few seconds to think about it, you would realize OH, ok. see...the lectures were about bayesian analyses. so that for all you laymen out there just means probs and stats of inheriting certain genetic diseases. very interesting. of course if it's probability, things are unsure, and some people were very bent out of shape of things being not black and white, but a nice shade of gray. and the prof very awesomely put them in their places. i loved it.
  3. going to get free lunch at the ob/gyn thing! it's about future cooter doctors, but it's free food! enough said about that. i'm going to review my amino acids for a bit. oh yeah! go protein go!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ready thy womb!

those were the words that kept running through my head during today's developmental anatomy class. some of my friends and i would say that this summer in an attempt to be silly at the bars (concerning fake "hookups", etc), but in class today, after learning about the ovarian cycle and blah blah blah, the catch-all phrase was READY THY WOMB. we also talked about cleavage, and the prof said "not THAT kind of cleavage". priceless. these first few days are coming along now. today was fun, even histology (which has proven to be SO boring) was kinda interesting. we did this pH workshop for biochem and boring. i mean...the henderson-hasselbalch equation can only take me so far in my quest for greatness, and 2 hours of workshopping the damn thing made me grumpy.

tomorrow me and some nerdy med friends are going to score free lunch at the ob/gyn interest meeting. we're going to be TEAM 'GINA, pronounced "teem JEYE-nuh". close alternates to TEAM 'GINA were "the V squad", "the vag' teasers", and "the cave dwellers". should be a fun lunch. i hope they wash their hands.

i learned today that the gap is launching some line to help raise money for AIDS/HIV awareness/research/something like that in africa. i'm so happy!!! it's the RED line or something similar. check it out!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the glorious return to school...

so yesterday was the first day of med school, and by today (only the second!) i feel like i've been in school for months. we're being "eased" in to the curriculum with a 2 week review/intro period, and then they're going to hit us hard. ouch. so far i've had classes in biochemistry, genetics, developmental anatomy, and histology. we've also done some boring library stuff like "let's learn how to find a journal". blecch. but class seems to be fun. they're very hell bent on classes being only 50 minutes long, so that's nice. and we have totally different schedules everyday, which changes the pace a little and keeps it sorta interesting. i'll make a longer post later about some of the going-on's...

and with that...i'm going to start studying. i took the first day off, hahaha. great way to start the year. well...not so much study now but just read. i don't want to turn psycho.

Friday, August 11, 2006

orientation days 3 and 4

yay! orientation is finally over. our finale was a most stimulating tour of the library. yawn. we also took a myers-briggs personality test. i am an ENTP. sounds like fun. we have our M1/M2 buddy party tonight. people are going to be going crazy, but eh...that's what folks do best these days. school starts monday. finally...something to do...

what was interesting is that we recited the hippocratic oath at our white ceremony. i had thought that they were phasing that out, but i was wrong. it's a really great oath, in my opinion, and i'm going to try very hard to abide by it.


i do solemnly swear by that which i hold most sacred:

that i will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members;

that i will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor;

that into whatsoever house i shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, i holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice;

that i will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation, for a criminal purpose even if solicited, far less suggest it;

that whatsoever i shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, i will keep inviolably secret;

these things do i promise, and in proportion as i am faithful to this oath, may happiness and good repute be ever mine - the opposite if i shall be forsworn.


so the bottom line? don't sell your services for sex. that's a no-no.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

orientation day 2

so orientation today consisted of a zillion different people giving us talks about EVERYTHING. we get free mental health services, free clinical services, and free tetanus/diphtheria and flu shots. nice! i'm definitely going to utilize those. and we got our first week's agenda. aaaah! scary! and then everybody preached to us about good study habits, having a bedtime, and being "responsible". and they only do drug tests on us if they notice "weird behavioral patterns". interesting.

and that's really the only things i remember. oh...and i was lucky and sat in the right chair and won a t-shirt. go me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

orientation day 1

today was our first day of orientation. i will never EVER wear heels ever again. we took pictures for our ID badges and i fixed some registrar things. got the booklist and found out it "isn't complete". oh joy. it's so hard to remember people's names too...but i think i'm finding out my "people" know...that "group" you'll be with forever studying together. and they said that our class is "one of the most diverse groups in a LONG time". hmmm...interesting.

i talked with the admissions people about what to do to un-PhD myself. (i'm currently MD/PhD.) turns out it's really easy. just the idea of having to live here for 7 years instead of 4 kinda makes me sad. and then i feel like my life goals are changing their directions again...nothing wrong with that. and i don't want to have to "work" in labs during the school year and during the summer when i could be studying more or doing cool international trips or something. i really want to learn spanish...or just travel. gah!

in summary: orientation today was quite boring and a little unorganized. found out quitting things is easier than previously thought.

i hope the rest of the week picks up!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

an experiment of sorts...

so today i procured a scale that has some really nifty "extras"...not only does it tell me my weight to the tenth decimal point, but i can "program" it so it also tells me my body fat and water content percentages. WHOA!!! that's crazy!!! so i think i'm going to track my weight/fat/water numbers during med school to see how the stress positively or negatively affects me. hopefully the "med school diet", complete with home-cooked meals, insane amounts of coffee, elliptical loveliness and light weight-lifting to reduce anger at fellow classmates and classes, will pay off in the long run. i can my future patients take me seriously when i'm an unhealthy slob? actions speaking louder than words...what a funny concept. (note...i'm only at the higher end of the acceptable bmi for my age/height...but i definitely have room to grow in the "lose some weight and get healthier" category.)

i guess i'll start that experiment in a few days. i'm sort of lacking the necessary 9-volt battery needed to power the damn thing. and i also have to use it with "moistened foot bottoms" because it sends electrical currents through my body. that's kinda scary. or maybe kind of cool in a star trekkie sort of way...

oh...that reminds me...i think i'm going to dye part of my hair purple tomorrow. we'll see how that goes.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

welcome friends and strangers...

on tuesday i begin the 4 (maybe more? haven't decided yet...) year journey of medical school and the great beyond. at the request of some of my friends (and because i'm an exhibitionist at heart) i will chronicle the events of the happenings the best i can. and what better way than the lovely internet? exactly.

in this blog i will rant and rave, recant funny stories, maybe give advice, and most likely be as politically-incorrect as possible. i'll probably use some bad words too. should be fun. yay! i hope that my friends enjoy it, and i hope that any random passers-by (check out my wonderful grammar!) will too. feel free to comment all you like. feed my nasty habits...

so i haven't started school yet. i'm still unloading boxes in my new apartment. orientation is tuesday. we are to be dressed "professionally" (for security badge photos). white coat ceremony is on thursday and is "closed", which means nobody can come to see it, which is stupid because why do i want to see random people get a white coat? i want my family and friends to see me. but oh will cut back on all the annoying after-white-coating pictures. i hear a rumor that our m1/m2 buddy "party" will consist of watching a baseball game. gar!!! but hey...i'm all for meeting new people, so i think it should be fun. it's like one huge sociology experiment...

i'm a little nervous with all the info i'll have to cram into my poor brain. as the famous tim gunn says, i'll "make it work" and hopefully "pull it together" before i screw up anybody. hahaha..."hopefully" is the key word. i also hope i meet some cool folks that aren't too gunner-ish because those types of folks just grate my nerves. of my good friends just im'ed me and said "i'm no longer a gambling virgin!". gah...i miss my friends already! brain is hurting and i must sleep. valete!