Thursday, December 28, 2006

yay for new job!

i got the job! even though it's not paying near what i thought, i'm not unemployed anymore! maybe i can hope for a raise or something...

so yay for employment!

Friday, December 22, 2006

ok, the job description...

alright alright, i'll tell you about the job that i really believe that i will get!!!

it all started with an application to a job that advertised for an "inventory coordinator". a phone call and a short drive later in the next two days, i found myself sitting in the baptist hospital's HR department. a nice lady came up to me and told me that she would be taking me to the cardiovascular diagnostics department for the interview. so we walk out of HR, outside, inside the hospital and up the elevator. she directed me to this little waiting room, told the receptionist that i was there for "judy" and left. the receptionist then turned to me, sizing me up and down, and starting talking about all sorts of things. (evidently, if i get the job, i'll be working closely with her, and that's great! she's really nice and fun.) then 2 or 3 other people stop by, and they're all having a grand ol' time. the receptionist said, if you want the job, just tell her and they'll give it to you. yeah!

so my interviewer comes and we go to her office. she told me immediately that i was overqualified, but then asked me to tell her about my education experience. i told her about being on leave from med school, and that i was going to go back in august, etc. she then told me, well, i'm going to have to work hard to find a reason to hire you to justify you only being employed for 7-8 months. i beautifully spun that negative question into a quite positive answer, saying that i would be willing to train people to take over, and that i'm a really organized person, etc, etc. she seemed to get excited, because she said, actually this job is 3-fold, and it's kind of disorganized, maybe you could do a great job for us by streamlining everything. i heartily agreed! i told her above all, i was an engineer first, and engineers are always looking for ways to streamline, to simplify, to organize. she got really happy after that.

now the job description: i would be in charge of scanning the stock as it came in, and then making sure the nurses scan things out properly for the cath labs. i would also be stocking the "stock room" and the labs so that everything was readily accessible. also i would check the overall stock against what the computer says just so that everything's on target. i would also be responsible for making sure the items used on the patient are billed to that patient's bill. the next part of the job would be acting as a back-up receptionist whenever she was out for lunch or on break. and the last part would be scheduling patients to go to lab, so i would have to know what they needed done, which lab did that, and which doctors would be available at certain times. i would have to be computer savvy (check!), able to look at a computer screen a lot (check!) and have good interpersonal skills (woah dang, check!). and while i was there, i'd be writing up protocols and procedures to make sure everything runs smoothly, because that's just the kind of person i am. and i would have my own cubicle! yay!

and the pays between $8-16/hr, depending on some formula, so i'm shooting for at least $12.50/hr. and the hours are 7:00-3:30, M-F. great! so today she's going to call me to tell me my "pay rate". i'll be surprised if i don't get the job...she told me i was a "breath of fresh air" compared to the other candidates, and she's excited about what i can do for her, and what they can do for me (being that i'm a future medical student and whatnot).

so in retrospect, i totally turned that interview into a great one, wowed everyone, got introduced to the whole department, lots of praise. all the negative questions got very positively-spun answers, that were still very truthful. i hope it works out!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

exciting update!

i got a call today requesting me to have an interview tomorrow at a hospital where i would maybe become an inventory coordinator! how exciting! awesome hours, 7-3, m-f, and MONEY! so i can do things! i'm so excited, i applied to that job today, and i've already gotten an interview offer for tomorrow. yay! and now i'm eating delicious coffee ice cream, and my brother and his friends came over for a bit, and it's all good. yippee!

no, i don't have a GED.

so i've applied to a total of 10 jobs thus far, and been rejected to 2, so that is a net of +8. i wasn't considered for psychology technician, because, well, i'm not a psych major. understandable. however, i wasn't considered for a lab assistant job (which HELLO! that's what i did all through undergrad) because my 4-year chemical engineering degree and 1-2 years experience (at least!) didn't compete with the GED + 1 year experience requirement. alas, what a cruel world we live in. however, it was pointed out to me that two things probably happened. 1. they already filled the job up with someone they knew already. 2. i was overly qualified. i prefer to think that no. 2 was the reason why i was passed over. hahaha. no big loss. job didn't even pay that well at all.

i have also come to the realization that chemical engineers are not wanted in this immediate area. i have found zero job postings, and mind you, i've looked in so many job listing directories, etc. the only thing that i could remotely find that i could qualify for if a stretched it, well, it's like a 45 minute commute drive to get there, and i'm not about to spend 1.5 hours commuting every day for a temporary job. call me selfish. so i guess health care it is still. today i applied to "inventory coordinator" of a cardiology department (i like to count! yippee!) and also "blood bank assistant" (the ONLY blood job that i've found that will teach me the skills of phlebotomy on-site).

when the school system picks up again, i will march myself into the nearest school's office and apply to be a substitute teacher. maybe somebody will have a baby and go on maternity leave so i could sub long-term for a math or science class. or something else scandalous will happen, and they will call me to come in and save the day. that would be nice.

so the bottom line is: i need a job. i'm going crazy. books are helping me, but they aren't the cure-all. and though i know i could get a job, i just don't want any job. i want to reserve the right to still be picky. but eh, if the end of january comes around and i'm still jobless, i guess i will have to prostitute myself out for anyone that will hire me. and that's a scary thought.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

job update

so far, nothing's really happened on the job front. i have 9 applications out, and am still searching for more jobs to apply to. i have friends on the "inside" at school that are trying to help me out, and maybe that will come to fruition. in the meantime, i have decided that i'm going to look into signing up to be a substitute teacher for the county i live in. have a temporary "call me as you need me" job is better than no job at all. and plus i've always been interested in teaching, and i'm good with kids of all ages, having been a camp counselor back in my day and also doing some engineering mentoring of sorts. so i think this afternoon i might go by the local elementary school and sign up, and then have them send off the applications to the other schools. hopefully i could do something math or science-y in the jr high/high school realm, because i would just mess up english and history really bad. and i think i would like to be called "miss frylime" because hearing my last name would just feel kinda weird. and maybe i would lie and say i was 28 years old so i would get more respect.

i've still been thinking about medical things. and i need to come up with a schedule for some light medically related reading. maybe re-explore my textbooks. how about genetics?!

and i read a ny times article about aneurysms and brain surgery. COOL! ha, and i knew exactly what they were talking about. go me, go me!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

application count

so far i have applied to 7 jobs, some lab research techs, some just kinda random. my promise to myself is to apply to at least 1 new job everyday until i get one. i've posted stuff on and now the wait there begins!

and so now i'm just enjoying the lazy life. or, i guess slowly going crazy. i've visited the local library, which is kinda small, makes me sad. i've been cooking, watching trashy tv, just feel like my brain is going away. this afternoon i think i'm going to clean my place up (which i've been saying that i'll do for a while anyway), and i've got a lunch date with one of my girlfriends in town. (note: not THAT kind of girlfriend...sheesh!) eventually i need to make up a "review my old med school books" schedule so i can stay fresh.

so i think i'm inducing carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand. luckily i finished enough school to recognize the symptoms and identify the nerve affected, etc. i'm such a nerd.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

let the job search begin!

so i've decided that instead of trying to audit a class or two, i think a job would be the best thing for me right now. so now i've applied to 2 researcher positions at UMC, and i've got some friends asking their former employers if they know of anyone looking for someone special like me to play in their labs. seriously, i am so excited about my new place in life right now, yay! so yeah yeah, i don't know what else to say right now, but that i'll keep you posted on my job-seeking progress!

ciao bellas!

interesting times...

as of yesterday, i am officially on leave from school. the stress, the work, always feeling like i'm catching up rather than staying on top, etc, all contributed to it. and when the administration says "let's do this", hey, i jumped at the chance and all is well! all my friends, family, everyone, is being quite supportive, and i don't regret not being in school right now. after all, i am going to go back to be in next year's class. class of 2011. interesting. and since i skipped a grade in elementary school, it's like i'm going back to normal. and now i can say i'm red-shirting med school...AWESOME!

so my faithful readers, don't fret. this is a good opportunity for me to chill out and do something different. i'm thinking maybe i could do a EMT boot camp, or get trained as a phlebotomist, or something. and i'm going to read a lot! so if anybody has any books to recommend...i'm listening!

oh, and i'm still going to blog every so often. and after my new christmas present (i think i'm getting a camera!) i shall start up another blog, possibly one to highlight my experiments in the culinary realm...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

the wonders of bilirubin...

good morning friends...

currently in a boring biochemistry class learning about bilirubin. specifically, learning about neonatal jaundice, which i believe one of my little friends was born with, but overcame! it occurs mostly in preemies, and it has something to do with the liver just not wanting to work right. or also the trauma of being birthed scared the liver into being bad. bad liver! but only for a little bit! and usually it's not a big deal, and you treat it with phototherapy to make the bilirubin (which is the molecule that makes you turn yellow-ish) more water soluble so you can pee it out. (technically speaking, i suppose, is that the baby has insufficient levels of UDP-glucuronyl transferase, a really long and weird to pronounce name for an enzyme. that enzyme makes the bilirubin water soluble so the baby [or adults, for that matter] can get rid of the bilirubin.) hence, the bilirubin blanket, which emits UV light for the changing of the bilirubin. the bilirubin is zapped by the light through the skin, which makes it pee-able. isn't that crazy? probably one of the only times UV light is a good thing...

in other news, i just have to say that I LOVE GENETICS! maybe i should do my residency in some combined pediatrics/medical genetics so i can have the normal life of a pediatrician, but the drama and intrigue of genetic disorders. i'm just kind of excited, after the disappointment with gross anatomy, i need a class to make me feel alive again. after talking with the professor (who, by the way, is my FAVORITE professor here), he said that i could follow (or shadow, as they say) him in clinic to see how it is. i'm just so happy and excited about the prospect.

gah, i can't wait till lunch. but i will say i had a delicious cup of coffee this morning. yum!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WHOA genetic testing!

as i read the new york times this morning, this article makes me want to be mad! why would any parent willingly and wantingly allow their child to be born with a defect? i can see where they are coming from, the deaf and achondroplasic parents, and if they conceive and bear children the "natural" way and the kid comes out not totally normal, then ok, that's cool. but willingly and wantingly going out of their way to ensure the kid's un-normalcy is apalling.

there are genetic defects for a reason. as one of my friends says (and she's studying for her doctorate in molecular genetics), something like this, "all these bad genetic and environmental things are happening because mother earth is sick and trying to get rid of some of us". binge and purge. that's why we had the great flood during noah's times, the plagues of egypt, tsunamis, bubonic plague.

now, i'm not trying to say that people born with defects are in some way undeserving of life. they are still human, and all humans have the intrinsic right to try and live somehow (but then there's the argument of keeping alive vegetables and whatnot, but that's another story for another day), but don't you think that genetic defects are mother nature's way of saying WAIT! SLOW DOWN THERE! and for parents to willingly inflict diseases and disorders on their children is just hogwash! after being in developmental anatomy for all this time, sheesh, if a baby makes it out normal, that's a huge success in my book after learning about all the freaky things that can happen in utero, like 1/1000 chance of this, or 15% of all babies get that. that's why prenatal counseling is sooo important, but alas, that is also another story.

ok, enough of my ranting.

Monday, December 04, 2006

the end of gross...

wow! i just discovered that another blog has linked my blog to theirs! that's the first linkage that i know about, and that makes me happy!

in other news...

so today we had our last gross anatomy test, and tomorrow will be the board exam. guess who's probably going to take summer school gross anatomy? me! but all is well. me and gross, well, we just had an awkward time. we still like each other, just need a break. how can i explain? let's's sort of like that first awkward junior high/high school relationship. me and gross. we thought we were soulmates! we went to all the football games together, held hands on the school bus, and wrote long notes to each other that were intricately folded into weird shapes. *le sigh* but eh, in reality we knew it wasn't going to go anywhere. fast forward a few years, let's say after college, where the awkward growing pains have been remolded to responsible productive adults. (did that make sense?) me and gross see each other again, let's say at an art museum or some trendy coffee shop. we realize we have so much more in common now, and decide to see each other again "for old time's sake", and BAM! whaddayaknow...soon we're inseparable, in love, and blah blah all that sappy stuff.

so yeah, does that analogy make sense? so hey, if me and gross don't get along now, then it just wasn't our time. and that's ok. at least now i know what i'm going to do this summer.

in other news, my life will turn to the world of biochemistry soon. and that's ok. i need some sort of change.

and i had impromptu ice cream today with a special person. coffee for me, blueberry for him. that made my "hiatus" with gross just a little bit better to deal with.

on to board review...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

gross is just gross

we have a gross test and a board a week from yesterday and today. i'm actually kind of scared, but i have a schedule that i'm keeping that's helping me not freak out too bad. so hopefully it will be ok.

we have a free lunch today for ethics meeting, or something like that. i hope it's decent.

i feel like school is making me become a boring person. at least after a week from today NO MORE GROSS ANATOMY. hahaha, maybe i'll have to take it over in summer school, but at least i'm going to be having a nice break from it. and now i'll get to wear nice clothes to school. and have more time. and not smell bad. awesome.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

gobble gobble!

happy thanksgiving everybody!

may all of your t'giving foods be delicious and wonderful, and your friends and family wonderful and healthy as well.

Monday, November 20, 2006


so today we dissected the eye. got to get a hammer and chisel and chip out the part of the skull on top of the eye on the inside. (remember we took out the brain the other day?) then since in my group i'm considered the best at dissecting out the tiny things without going crazy, i was elected to be the eyeball orbit fat digger-outer. so tedious. i found a frontal nerve, a ciliary ganglion, and some arteries. and some tiiiiny arteries or nerves or something. oh, and also the optic nerve, which is huge! and the eyeball, gosh, it's such a weird organ. we had a group argument over what color the dude's eyes were, and i swear that they were blue. has/had to be. but it was such a weird angle to work from and my arms got really tired. but i think i did a good job. it felt good to know i really contributed to lab today.

for lunch we had a GI doctor come and talk to us. he gets to stick cameras down people's throats and up their butts. fantastic! sounds like i could enjoy that...hahaha. (i don't know.) and we got to see what some medications do to your esophagus: grows FUNGUS on it! eeeew! fungi on the esophageal wall is kinda gross. and so are ulcers and cancers and whatnot. blah!

so the take home message? eyeballs are weird, and fungal esophaguses are gross. chao!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

am i a vegetable?

woo hoo, we're taking brains out in lab today!

should be fun times i think...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

head and neck

today we begin the head and neck section in gross. woo hoo, so much fun. i also just ate mcdonald's for a late breakfast, and i feel bad. physically and mentally. after all of our lectures on obesity and diet, etc, i've really been trying to analyze what i put into my body, and i'm sure eating a sausage egg and cheese mcmuffin didn't help.

we just finished our 4rth test block yesterday. haven't gotten grades back, and i hope that i've been doing better. 10 more blocks to go. i'm looking forward to this weekend, we get veteran's day off. wahoo.

i think it's going to be really weird in lab today when we dissect someone's face. i also hear we get to saw off the head, that should be really gross.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


today as i sit for my 9:00 genetics class, i am pleasantly surprised that my favorite professor is lecturing. even though this stuff isn't on the next test, i am always fascinated by this subject, plus this guy is a total smartass and i think he is just amazing!!! and i am always irritated at my classmates who choose to skip class closer to test time. there are only 16 people in class right now, and my class is 117. people need to learn professionalism or something, this is ridiculous.

and i found this online this morning, and i find it quite interesting. click on the multimedia presentation thing, and it will show you 2000 cal/day meals versus 3000 cal/day meals. i really think we've seriously skewed our understanding of portion size and whatnot, and i think i'm going to have a more concerted effort to know exactly what i'm putting in my body. i should definitely try out more vegetarian dishes too. i really want to be able to set a good example, and this morning, on the way to class, i saw a woman who was quite obese, and i was thinking, how would i know if she was pregnant? like, if i were a doctor already, could i tell or what not without doing tests, etc. and one of my close associations will always point out the obese people in our immediate vicinity. and while it is sort of an inspiration to work out more and eat better, i feel bad for those people because i am doing the "well i'm better than you" rationalization, which isn't right either. and it really is hard to motivate people to be healthier. i mean, if it was difficult enough for me, who has a bmi of 26 which means i'm a little overweight, to get off my butt and actually be proactive about health, what about other people? according to this bmi calculator, i just need to lose 8-9 pounds to be "normal weight", which i'm trying hard to do.

hmm, maybe i should keep a food journal or something.

back to mitochondrial disorders. yay for genetics!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

ick ick and more ick

lately we've been doing some really disgusting dissections in lab. anal triangle, urogenital triangle, eeeew. we also cut the body in half and split the legs apart. i got the glorious task of cutting the penis in half. found out that our cadaver had some crazy prostate cancer. another cadaver actually had penile implants! we thought his thingy looked a little funny...

but was a horrible day for smells. i thought i was going to yak a bunch of times. you think you have a tough stomach, but then one thing will set you off. today it was poo remnants and flaky foot skin. shudder.

we also had a clinical correlation on different types of amenorrhea. pictures of patients included. that was a little strange.

ok, shower time. gross lab funk isn't that wonderful after all...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

can i hear a BLAH?!

i currently really hate school. blah.

that's why i haven't been posting. hate and no time since i've been studying.

how about i phrase my hatred as a dear john letter?


dear med school,

deep down inside i love you, med school. i really do. but right now you're taking up all my time. i understood it when you took all my money, a girl's got to dress her school up right! but taking my time away? my soul? my innermost fiery passion?!?! it's too much. but i can't just leave you, me and you, we've been through so much in the last few months. i just need a break, just a small one. could you just give me an hour of my life back so i can watch "flavor of love 2 finale"? just one hour! i still love you, and i always will...

your peon,


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

want to learn how the heart forms?

this is sooo amazing. i highly recommend it to everyone! it's about 9 minutes long, and the dude that talks makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside...

my synapses are hurting...

yet another thrilling day in the life of a M1 student. today is wednesday (obviously) and it's wonderful because a) it's HUMP DAY! and b) NO GROSS LAB! and speaking of gross lab, yesterday was an uneventful exploration of the abdomen. clyde had a ginormous amount of fat and my group had a lovely time dissecting it all out. we think he had some sort of hernia surgery. it's kinda weird, whenever we find stitches or weird lumps or whatever, we get really excited, but that was probably really devastating to clyde when he was alive.

in histology today we have a fabulous professor professing to us. we're learning about muscles, and this guy is really enthusiastic about them. and he wears pink pants. he's not gay. he's cool! (note...not at all saying that being gay is not cool...) he just said that muscles are important in urination! awesome!

found out that one of my good friends is interviewing here next week, and that makes me happy. he probably won't come here, but eh, it will be fun to throw food at him at lunch.

my school is trying to enact a "dress code" on us students. it's kinda silly, but i can see the need to dress and act professional in a professional setting. we are going to school in a hospital, so we shouldn't look like hootchies in class. the administration wants ties, etc, and we're just i honestly think that they're trying to do the dress code thing because a few chicas in our class dress like hootchies...i mean, if you've got the thoracic surface anatomy, by all means show it off, but not during class. that's kinda funky...who wants to pick up a fellow med student? everyone's neurotic. i've already heard of rumors of inter-med student hookups and breakups, and eh, i don't see the glamour in dating a fellow student. granted, they're ALWAYS THERE and you could study together, but the competition can get fierce (even though we're supposedly "non-competitive", or trying to be). i'm a big advocate of dating people with interests other than yours, and you could pretty much assume that everyone in the class is a drone of the other. sort of. maybe i'm wrong. BLEECH!

ooooh...fusiform cells are AMAZING.

i made some awesome chicken, rice, zucchini and squash last night. i ate much. and then i was full.

i'm going to see if i can get a hair cut today. as a med student, you almost never have time to do anything normal. well, at least at my school. classes are 8:00 - 4 or 5:00. that kinda sucks. and i think this weekend will be a free clinic volunteer day. that makes me kinda excited. and with that, i will end my ramble. chao!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

i am med student, hear me roar...

hola cyberspace...

i know, long time no post, but things have been a little rough when it comes to school. tests are proving to elude my brain, and my scores aren't where i want them to be. challenges are fun, right? i can survive med school, right? let's hope so...

i'm making the necessary appointments, changes, etc, to make sure that i have a successful first year of school. a successful career also. yeah... to go study and wash the old scrubs. they smell like stank.

oh and on another note, i got to hold a heart in my hands on friday. it was so crazy. my group was beginning to dissect/find the heart veins and arteries, and i was like...wait. let me hold it. so i did. that was sooo crazy. i's a heart! aaaah!!! and it was bigger than i thought it would be. then again our dude is big. way to go clyde!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


my apologies if my posts are boring...

so today is our day off from gross lab. yay! yesterday in lab we dissected the palmar part of the hand which proved to be a little difficult. however, it was really cool to tug on the muscles of the forearm and watch the fingers move. the floor was still slippery from all the fat dripping onto the floor. so what does one do when the floor is slippery? mop it up? no! that's way too normal. i took advantage of the slippery floor by moonwalking and whatnot. it was hot. oh, and we named our cadaver "clyde". clyde is cool. he has a naked woman tattooed on his inner thigh (as well as other tattoos everywhere else), so he's the stud of our class. and the heaviest. and fattest and stinkiest. gah!

currently i'm learning about chondrocytes. oh it's bone. ok...learning about bones. so much fun!

it was nice not to wear scrubs today. (you wear scrubs while in gross lab if you value your clothes.) i like to have pockets.

we have our next round of tests starting monday. i plan to do much better on them than last time. you can bet your serratus posterior inferior on it. or your rough endoplasmic reticulum. catch my drift...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

food/gross lab association

hola readers (if i have any)...

2 days ago i had my first food/gross lab association experience. it wasn't good. if you are queasy, then maybe you should stop reading, or maybe not. it's not that bad...

i had gone to a quaint little mexican restaurant in downtown podunk, and ordered a "pitorrito", whatever the heck that is. my lunch date ordered a burrito of some sort. when the plates were set out in front of us, we both gasped. smothered all over our respective burrito-like food items, was a thick, greasy, melted SHEET of YELLOW CHEESE! he gasped and made some "that looks so unhealthy" type sounds (referering to all the grease and whatnot). i gasped because i had flashed back to gross lab, where the melted greasy yellow cheese looked quite strikingly similar to yummy back fat. i immediately became a little nauseous, and while my date was making snarky comments about our dishes, i carefully pushed aside all the cheese, and ate a few bites. it took every ounce of non-throwup power i had to eat it.

so if that wasn't bad enough, in lab that day (yes...AFTER lunch) we were to expose the pectoralis muscles and take a gander at some wonderful nerves and blood vessels. easy enough. however, after making the skin flaps, we were left with a beautiful layer of thick yellow greasy FAT to contend with. our profs wanted us to "reflect" the fat. that means they wanted us to keep all the fat in one big layer, one big sheet, rather than cut off little chunks of fat. so off we go, carefully separating the fat from the underlying fascia and keeping it in one long thick blubbery sheet, and i can't help but get a little sick feeling from my memory of lunch. come to think of it, i'm getting a little nauseous now recanting the story, so maybe i should stop. all that rancid stinky greasy fat...ugh...and the grease was dripping off the sides of our tank onto the floor, making it slippery. the whole time i was cutting i was trying not to imagine someone gnawing on the fat sheet, because it really did look like a nice block of yellow cheese. shudder.

i hope your day is swell, whoever reads that. no more mexican food for me for a while.


Monday, September 11, 2006 quizzes!

so school's been going swimmingly, and i think i've finally gotten in some sort of rhythm. i'm stll annoyed by the people who ask stupid questions in class, more pissed about the stupid competitiveness of the class, and gross lab is kinda icky. with lab, i can deal with the muscles, the cutting and digging around, and the smell kinda goes away after a while (but it does hurt my nose and eyes every so often). however, if i see hands or feet, i freak out and feel queasy. i can look at the face. but hands? eeeew!

also we've been given access to this "careers in medicine" tool to help us figure out our "future careers" or whatever. i've taken a few online quizzes (which i find both fun and fascinating) and according to the first one about what i "value" or "don't value" in my future career, i value service and abhor prestige. that sounds about right. according to my meyers-briggs test (remember...ENTP?), my top five career options best suited for "my" personality are:
  • internal medicine
  • pathology-anatomic and clinical
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatry
  • surgery-general
and the weird thing is, i was thinking about peds or internal medicine. and 2 summers ago i did this summer research thing and went to the pathology presentations once a week in the morgue and though it was fascinating. who knows. i took another "interests" test, and that one included ob-gyn (in addition to internal med and peds and psychiatry i think), but i don't think i'd want to do that. i really like the idea of pediatrics or med/peds (which is BOTH! HOT DAMN!), but i really want to go into adolescent medicine, which is a subspecialty of pediatrics. so i think i'll probably go into that. (i'm the kind of person that likes to go ahead and decide what's going on with her life so it's a little easier.)

ok...we're supposed to be doing some voting thing now (class is over, so therefore my blogging time is over! hahaha...).


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

gross lab begins!

a day of days to remember...first day of gross lab! was gross.

we go in and there are these metal tanks everywhere. we are to go to our tank, and load up our cadaver. they come up underneath these white sheets and it's like HELLO there you are! we had to roll ours over...kinda weird. and the smell of formaldehyde. icky. so icky.

today we explored the back and some nerves. fun times. oh the major and minor rhombi, the lats, etc etc. i got kinda queasy, but i think it's because it was so hot and we had to stand for such long times. and i hate wearing gloves, but the alternative is just repulsive to me right now. and looking at the muscles, etc, was cool. but when it was just skin...that kinda got to me. and i didn't like to look at the hands. that was just a little too much.

i needs to go study now. after the final results of the first round, i need to work a lot harder. it's ok though, no worries!


Friday, September 01, 2006

i'm aliiive!!!

after freaking out about studying, not studying, freaking out, tests, etc, the first round of tests is over and i feel fine! granted, i didn't make an A, but i know i didn't make an F either! yay!!! breathe a big sigh of relief. woo! and i didn't do an all-nighter either. oh yeah.

now i'm fixing to go on a short little road trip to my alma mater for a night of jubilation. a great way to reward myself for nothing. but alas...not too much partying for the labor day weekend because biochem test is on tuesday.

oh...and if you want some good food to eat...try PHO, vietnamese soup. it's delicious!

Monday, August 28, 2006

first round of tests...


have i ever told you how much i hate studying? and how much i'm scared of the first round of tests that start this friday? friday and tuesday. those are the tests that sandwich my otherwise could-have-been-perfect labor day weekend.

i am not a happy person right now. and i'm on my third cup of coffee for the day. blah.

i volunteered at the local free clinic this past weekend. it was amazing. i'll write more on that later, probably after these tests are over.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

the flock...

right now i'm sitting in the classroom during our "break" and i can't help but notice the "flock" of people that run down to the professor after EVERY class. it's the SAME people every time! the same people ask stupid questions, the same people kiss ass after class, the same people blah blah blah. it's so dumb. it's so obvious what's going on. it makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth. and some friends are thinking of taking over the front row. there's a group that swarms the front row and that gets angry if people are in "their" seats. note: there are NO assigned seats. but heaven forbid if someone is in "your" predestined spot. anal-retentiveness in where your ass sits during the day is SO unnattractive.

good news...i LOVE genetics! i never thought i would say that...but yeah! i love genetics! on the other hand...i HATE developmental anatomy. blah.

for lunch i'm going to eat a baked potato and a wonderfully delicious salad. i'm so psyched.

update: the "flock" is now answering each OTHER'S questions, and not directing them to the prof anymore. he can see right through it! i swear he can! it's all for show!!! oh the humanity!


Monday, August 21, 2006

aaah! it's medical school! a week of school and a day are officially over with. what have i learned? that i need to study a hella lot more. i'm going to predict that genetics will be the hardest for me right now because of all the diseases, memorization, etc. next will be developmental anatomy. same reasons. i am SO glad i took biochem in undergrad. that is saving my butt right now.

the coffee before class trick seems to be doing well for me. every other day i go and work out at the gym. that's nice. even though i'm terribly tired afterwards until i eat, i really do feel like i'm gaining energy. more energy is always good.

i'm happy because i have found folks now that i think will be my good med school friends. and the people that sit around me and i share a hatred for "front row question asker boy", more recently referred to as "el presidente", as well as all the other shmucks who care to clog up class time with stupid questions, only to complain that the profs never get through lectures on time. hats off to the guy that put them all in their places last week. oh...and might i add it's always fun to look at the "worriers" of the class...not only do they flock to the front of the room after EVERY lecture, in addition they always have a look of HOLY SHIT written on their faces. i'm interested to see what the outcomes of the first set of tests does to certain folks.

with all that...i think i'm going to take a nap. i am beat...and i need/have to study like 3-4 hours tonight. boo.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


as i sit in the library in my wee little break between classes, supposedly reviewing the slides for my biochem lecture, i feel quite satisfied about school today thus far. why so? you may ask...don't fear! i of course am going to tell you and make you understand why!

reasons for satisfaction at this moment in time:
  1. made and drank delicious coffee this morning. it was composed of the most perfect proportions: 4/5 strong coffee, 1/5 milk, and 1/4 tablespoon of brown sugar. seriously, brown sugar is the key to ANY wonderful coffee beverage.
  2. genetics classes this morning were really great. granted, the prof doesn't ever finish what he starts, but he's a total jerk and I LOVE IT. people were asking really dumb questions know, the kind that if you just took a few seconds to think about it, you would realize OH, ok. see...the lectures were about bayesian analyses. so that for all you laymen out there just means probs and stats of inheriting certain genetic diseases. very interesting. of course if it's probability, things are unsure, and some people were very bent out of shape of things being not black and white, but a nice shade of gray. and the prof very awesomely put them in their places. i loved it.
  3. going to get free lunch at the ob/gyn thing! it's about future cooter doctors, but it's free food! enough said about that. i'm going to review my amino acids for a bit. oh yeah! go protein go!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ready thy womb!

those were the words that kept running through my head during today's developmental anatomy class. some of my friends and i would say that this summer in an attempt to be silly at the bars (concerning fake "hookups", etc), but in class today, after learning about the ovarian cycle and blah blah blah, the catch-all phrase was READY THY WOMB. we also talked about cleavage, and the prof said "not THAT kind of cleavage". priceless. these first few days are coming along now. today was fun, even histology (which has proven to be SO boring) was kinda interesting. we did this pH workshop for biochem and boring. i mean...the henderson-hasselbalch equation can only take me so far in my quest for greatness, and 2 hours of workshopping the damn thing made me grumpy.

tomorrow me and some nerdy med friends are going to score free lunch at the ob/gyn interest meeting. we're going to be TEAM 'GINA, pronounced "teem JEYE-nuh". close alternates to TEAM 'GINA were "the V squad", "the vag' teasers", and "the cave dwellers". should be a fun lunch. i hope they wash their hands.

i learned today that the gap is launching some line to help raise money for AIDS/HIV awareness/research/something like that in africa. i'm so happy!!! it's the RED line or something similar. check it out!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the glorious return to school...

so yesterday was the first day of med school, and by today (only the second!) i feel like i've been in school for months. we're being "eased" in to the curriculum with a 2 week review/intro period, and then they're going to hit us hard. ouch. so far i've had classes in biochemistry, genetics, developmental anatomy, and histology. we've also done some boring library stuff like "let's learn how to find a journal". blecch. but class seems to be fun. they're very hell bent on classes being only 50 minutes long, so that's nice. and we have totally different schedules everyday, which changes the pace a little and keeps it sorta interesting. i'll make a longer post later about some of the going-on's...

and with that...i'm going to start studying. i took the first day off, hahaha. great way to start the year. well...not so much study now but just read. i don't want to turn psycho.

Friday, August 11, 2006

orientation days 3 and 4

yay! orientation is finally over. our finale was a most stimulating tour of the library. yawn. we also took a myers-briggs personality test. i am an ENTP. sounds like fun. we have our M1/M2 buddy party tonight. people are going to be going crazy, but eh...that's what folks do best these days. school starts monday. finally...something to do...

what was interesting is that we recited the hippocratic oath at our white ceremony. i had thought that they were phasing that out, but i was wrong. it's a really great oath, in my opinion, and i'm going to try very hard to abide by it.


i do solemnly swear by that which i hold most sacred:

that i will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members;

that i will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor;

that into whatsoever house i shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, i holding myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice;

that i will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation, for a criminal purpose even if solicited, far less suggest it;

that whatsoever i shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, i will keep inviolably secret;

these things do i promise, and in proportion as i am faithful to this oath, may happiness and good repute be ever mine - the opposite if i shall be forsworn.


so the bottom line? don't sell your services for sex. that's a no-no.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

orientation day 2

so orientation today consisted of a zillion different people giving us talks about EVERYTHING. we get free mental health services, free clinical services, and free tetanus/diphtheria and flu shots. nice! i'm definitely going to utilize those. and we got our first week's agenda. aaaah! scary! and then everybody preached to us about good study habits, having a bedtime, and being "responsible". and they only do drug tests on us if they notice "weird behavioral patterns". interesting.

and that's really the only things i remember. oh...and i was lucky and sat in the right chair and won a t-shirt. go me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

orientation day 1

today was our first day of orientation. i will never EVER wear heels ever again. we took pictures for our ID badges and i fixed some registrar things. got the booklist and found out it "isn't complete". oh joy. it's so hard to remember people's names too...but i think i'm finding out my "people" know...that "group" you'll be with forever studying together. and they said that our class is "one of the most diverse groups in a LONG time". hmmm...interesting.

i talked with the admissions people about what to do to un-PhD myself. (i'm currently MD/PhD.) turns out it's really easy. just the idea of having to live here for 7 years instead of 4 kinda makes me sad. and then i feel like my life goals are changing their directions again...nothing wrong with that. and i don't want to have to "work" in labs during the school year and during the summer when i could be studying more or doing cool international trips or something. i really want to learn spanish...or just travel. gah!

in summary: orientation today was quite boring and a little unorganized. found out quitting things is easier than previously thought.

i hope the rest of the week picks up!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

an experiment of sorts...

so today i procured a scale that has some really nifty "extras"...not only does it tell me my weight to the tenth decimal point, but i can "program" it so it also tells me my body fat and water content percentages. WHOA!!! that's crazy!!! so i think i'm going to track my weight/fat/water numbers during med school to see how the stress positively or negatively affects me. hopefully the "med school diet", complete with home-cooked meals, insane amounts of coffee, elliptical loveliness and light weight-lifting to reduce anger at fellow classmates and classes, will pay off in the long run. i can my future patients take me seriously when i'm an unhealthy slob? actions speaking louder than words...what a funny concept. (note...i'm only at the higher end of the acceptable bmi for my age/height...but i definitely have room to grow in the "lose some weight and get healthier" category.)

i guess i'll start that experiment in a few days. i'm sort of lacking the necessary 9-volt battery needed to power the damn thing. and i also have to use it with "moistened foot bottoms" because it sends electrical currents through my body. that's kinda scary. or maybe kind of cool in a star trekkie sort of way...

oh...that reminds me...i think i'm going to dye part of my hair purple tomorrow. we'll see how that goes.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

welcome friends and strangers...

on tuesday i begin the 4 (maybe more? haven't decided yet...) year journey of medical school and the great beyond. at the request of some of my friends (and because i'm an exhibitionist at heart) i will chronicle the events of the happenings the best i can. and what better way than the lovely internet? exactly.

in this blog i will rant and rave, recant funny stories, maybe give advice, and most likely be as politically-incorrect as possible. i'll probably use some bad words too. should be fun. yay! i hope that my friends enjoy it, and i hope that any random passers-by (check out my wonderful grammar!) will too. feel free to comment all you like. feed my nasty habits...

so i haven't started school yet. i'm still unloading boxes in my new apartment. orientation is tuesday. we are to be dressed "professionally" (for security badge photos). white coat ceremony is on thursday and is "closed", which means nobody can come to see it, which is stupid because why do i want to see random people get a white coat? i want my family and friends to see me. but oh will cut back on all the annoying after-white-coating pictures. i hear a rumor that our m1/m2 buddy "party" will consist of watching a baseball game. gar!!! but hey...i'm all for meeting new people, so i think it should be fun. it's like one huge sociology experiment...

i'm a little nervous with all the info i'll have to cram into my poor brain. as the famous tim gunn says, i'll "make it work" and hopefully "pull it together" before i screw up anybody. hahaha..."hopefully" is the key word. i also hope i meet some cool folks that aren't too gunner-ish because those types of folks just grate my nerves. of my good friends just im'ed me and said "i'm no longer a gambling virgin!". gah...i miss my friends already! brain is hurting and i must sleep. valete!